inovex Cologne Meetup: “Let’s Talk About Voice Assistants!”

Free technology event on using voice assistants to control technology

(Karlsruhe, 15.05.2017) IT project experts inovex are inviting all interested parties to a free meetup in Cologne. Meetups are thematically focused events in which people who are passionate about the subject in question meet to exchange ideas and information. At inovex meetups, IT enthusiasts who enjoy thinking outside the box get together for discussion and networking.

Meetup Topics

Driven by breakthroughs in machine learning, major advances are currently being made in the development of voice-assisted technology. The meetup to be held on Monday, 12.06.2017 will therefore focus on voice assistants. The first presentation will discuss the two currently best known virtual assistants, Google Assistant (Google Home) and Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo), and demonstrate the fundamentals of their operation as well as their latest features. Real-life examples will also be used to illustrate how voice assistants can be used both in users’ personal lives (e.g. HomeKit) and in customer projects. The second presentation will compare Alexa and Google Home from a developer’s perspective, taking into account functions such as text recognition, interaction with other systems, and speech dialogues.

The event is free to attend. Pizza and drinks will be provided at no charge.

Note: This meetup will not be held at the usual location, the inovex office on the Carlswerkgelände. Due to current office expansion and renovation work, this meetup will be held at cleverbridge AG’s offices, located at Gereonstraße 43, 50670 Cologne. 

Further Information and Registration: 

Date and time: Monday, 12.06.2017, doors open at 6:30 pm

Location: cleverbridge AG, Gereonstraße 43, 50670 Köln

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