inovex gains databricks as a new technology partner

Added value for customers thanks to unified analytics.

(Karlsruhe, 01.10.2019) The IT project centre inovex has agreed a new partnership with the American big-data-platform producer databricks.

With this technology partnership, inovex offers business customers even more extensive support in the area of data analytics.

The strategic technology partnership adds a further strong component in the international big-data landscape to the spectrum of solutions provided by inovex. inovex customers benefit from direct access to the databricks Development department, extended support with problems and exclusive assistance in the planning and implementation phase from architects and solution consultants at the new partner.

About databricks

databricks is a modern, cloud-optimised analysis platform based on Apache Spark that combines data-science, data-engineering and business-intelligence applications in one solution.
databricks provides a unified analytics platform on Azure and AWS for scalable support of all data-driven processes.
In addition to the superior performance, the benefits of databricks are the abstraction of the underlying technology and the convenience for technical users such as inovex, who can concentrate on solution development rather than the technical administration of big-data clusters. The server infrastructure is configured in a dynamic and user-friendly way as a Platform-as-a-Service via an intuitive web interface. Features like automatic switching on and off, as required or timed, ensure the efficiency of the solution – only the computing time that is really needed is paid for.

inovex’s technology partners

In addition to databricks, inovex maintains other partnerships with leading technology providers.The close partnerships make it possible for inovex to develop innovative solutions for the individual tasks of business customers and to guarantee optimal support.

The overview of technology partners can be found here.

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