inovex Offers Design Sprints for Digital Product Development

Agile method enables design, prototyping and testing in just 5 days

(Karlsruhe, 02.06.2017) Starting immediately, IT project experts inovex are offering their customers the opportunity to use “design sprints” for rapid product and feature development. inovex’s particular added value lies in the company’s integration of IT experts into creative development teams, enabling technical feasibility to be considered at every stage.

Design Sprints

The design sprint method is one in which prototypes for new digital products or new features for existing products can be developed in just five days, enabling valuable customer feedback to be solicited at very early stages.

The five days of each design sprint are entitled Map, Sketch, Decide, Prototype and Test. Using this structure, the Sprint Team uses a common understanding of the customer problem and the main solution concept (Day 1), to come up with a variety of options (Day 2), from which one is selected and designed (Day 3), created as a prototype on Day 4, and finally (on Day 5) tested in interviews with actual customers. The entire process takes just a week.

Once a professional design sprint has been completed, further product or feature development can be carried out in a considerably more focused manner and with increased chances of success – provided that the idea's market potential is still regarded as sufficiently high. Design sprints therefore considerably lower the risk of misguided investment, making the process extremely valuable in the case of more unusual (or even disruptive) ideas. The prototype itself is also created within the five-day period, a fact which has established the format as a very efficient, high-output, high-benefit approach and made it popular with a great many product developers. 

Specific Added Value for Customers

As part of the process, inovex can provide the facilitator (moderator) for the duration of the sprint, as well as the interviewer for the final day. But that’s not all, as Dr. Christoph Tempich, Head of Product Discovery & Ownership at inovex, explains: “As an IT project company, we are also in a position to staff design sprint teams with selected IT experts with in-depth knowledge of digital products and services. Unlike pure product development companies or creative agencies, therefore, we ensure from the very outset that the features and concepts are technically feasible. Ultimately, we can also provide support for the implementation itself.”

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