inovex on accelerated digitalization in the time of Corona

IT project experts inovex report in the Pforzheimer Zeitung on the increasing digitalization of companies.

(Karlsruhe, 20.04.2020) In its April 18th 2020 issue, the Pforzheimer Zeitung newspaper spoke to the heads of local IT companies about the impact of the Corona crisis on corporate digitalization.

The Corona crisis has revealed one thing in particular: in many places, digitalization has been neglected and companies have been forced to build ad hoc infrastructures to enable employees to perform their jobs remotely using modified processes.

Stephan Müller, owner and managing director of inovex GmbH, describes how the switch to location-independent work has worked well for both customers and employees. His prediction is that this rapid push to digitalization will also have a lasting impact on future cooperation and travel activities.
The Pforzheimer Zeitung’s article also highlights the experiences of other companies during the Corona crisis. These point up the technical and cultural barriers that remain to be overcome and the opportunities this situation offers for companies in the IT sector. E-commerce is currently experiencing tremendous growth, even in industries which have not previously placed a great deal of emphasis on digital offerings. But digitalization also increases the risk of monopolies as already powerful corporations continue to expand their market positions. Combating these requires all companies across all sectors to invest in digitalization and to further drive structural change.

As IT project experts, inovex was already well positioned to allow remote work 'pre-Corona'. Even before the restrictions, any inovex employee could work from home. According to Stephan Müller, however, it is particularly important to maintain social interaction during this time of quarantine. Colleagues at inovex, for example, regularly take to Google Meet to enjoy an evening beer 'together', to play a virtual game of cards, or simply to discuss the topics of the day.

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