inovex sponsors SG Berg/Neuburg with a new team strip

Youth football team pleased to receive financial support.

(Karlsruhe, 24.09.2018) The IT service provider inovex is financially supporting the SG Berg/Neuburg youth football team and enabling the purchase of a new team strip for next season.

The Palatinate football club currently has eight teams, in which over 120 children and youngsters (Bambinis to youth B-team) play.

Since the summer of 2018, there has also been a youth A-team again, which needs to be newly kitted out for the upcoming football season. The current youth leader and team coach, Prof. Dr. Uwe Haneke, gave inovex the idea of supporting the purchase of a team strip for 18 outfield players and 2 goalkeepers with a donation.

Choosing inovex was not by chance. Prof. Dr. Haneke works full-time at the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Informatics at the University of Karlsruhe and has known inovex for many years, not just as a lecturer and colleague of Christian Meder, CTO at inovex, who regularly gives lectures at the university, but also as a contact for master’s students and graduates who find their way to inovex during or after their studies.

'Due to the good contact with Uwe Haneke, it was instantly clear that we would like to offer our support here,' says Jörg Ruckelshauß, Head of Marketing at inovex. 'But it wasn’t just the personal relationship that was crucial. We also like investing in sports activities, sponsoring team strips or paying starting fees for competitions for our own employees. And of course we are very happy about how good our logo looks on the SG Berg/Neuburg team strip.'

The SG Berg/Neuburg youth A-team
The SG Berg/Neuburg youth A-team

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