inovex to Host “Apache Flink 1.2 & FLIP-6” Meetup in Karlsruhe

Free technology event on Apache Flink software

(Karlsruhe, 14.02.2017) IT project provider inovex is inviting all interested parties to a free Apache Flink meetup. Meetups are events focusing on a particular topic in which people who are passionate about the subject in question meet to exchange ideas and information. inovex meetups provide IT enthusiasts who enjoy thinking outside the box with opportunities for discussion and networking.

The Apache Flink Meetup

The meetup to be held on Tuesday, 21.02.2017 focuses on the Apache Flink open source software solution which was developed at the TU Berlin as part of the Stratosphere research project. The software offers many options for processing large volumes of data (batch, streaming, machine learning and graph processing), with a focus on continuous data streams (stream processing).

Two presentations will explain what’s new in Apache Flink 1.2. Firstly, guest speaker David Anderson from Data Artisans will explain the Flink Improvement Proposal 6, an improvement to the deployment and process model. Data Artisans GmbH, which was founded in 2014 by members of the Apache Flink Community, is a 10-person team which has been developing applications based on Apache Flink ever since. 

In a second presentation, Nico Kreiling of inovex GmbH will use a live demo to illustrate how to integrate Apache Flink into Docker containers and to use the container orchestration solution Kubernetes to deploy it.

More information on the meetup is available here:


Event date: Tuesday, 21.02.2017, from 6 pm onwards
Event location: inovex GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 6, 76131 Karlsruhe

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