inovex wins HiveMQ as new technology partner

IT project experts inovex have established a new partnership with technology provider HiveMQ in order to expand their IoT offerings.

(Karlsruhe, July 21, 2020) IT project experts inovex can look back on many years of project experience in working with the Internet of Things (IoT) – from programming to embedding to setting up cloud architectures. In industrial IoT, in particular, these projects involve the processing of ever-increasing amounts of data.

The MQTT protocol and a reliable broker infrastructure have proven to be essential for successful IoT projects in this area. inovex and HiveMQ have already cooperated on a project of this type, at the core of which HiveMQ’s MQTT broker worked in tandem with a Kubernetes infrastructure managed by inovex.

In order to deliver the fastest and most effective IoT data solutions to all its customers, inovex has entered into a technology partnership with HiveMQ. The new partnership will allow inovex to strengthen its IIoT expertise and enable its customers to establish sustainable IoT integrations, while HiveMQ's MQTT broker and its linked libraries will ensure secure, scalable data transfer between millions of apps and devices. 

Both inovex and HiveMQ believe that knowledge should be shared. The companies are therefore also offering joint training and consulting on MQTT solutions.

“In order to offer our customers outstanding solutions, inovex needs partners capable of meeting these high demands. HiveMQ is a technology company which supports us in optimally implementing our customers’ IoT projects,” comments Dominik Helleberg, inovex’s Head of Mobile Development & Smart Devices, on the new partnership.

“Our customers need IIoT experts who can support them in their IoT projects,” explains Christian Goetz, CEO & Co-Founder of HiveMQ. “We are therefore delighted about the partnership with inovex. They have proven experience with MQTT and HiveMQ, which will help our customers to succeed. The collaboration between our companies will facilitate the exchange of information and accelerate the delivery of world-class MQTT and HiveMQ solutions.”

About HiveMQ

HiveMQ is one of the world’s leading companies for connecting equipment, devices, and applications to the Internet. The HiveMQ MQTT Broker, which is based on the standard IoT communication protocol, is always available and enables the secure transfer of data between connected devices and the cloud. The company also offers a fully managed MQTT platform, the HiveMQ Cloud, which simplifies the management and usage of MQTT brokers in manufacturing.

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