inovex Wins New Technology Partners Confluent and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Company expands its technology support partner portfolio

(Karlsruhe, 15.02.2017) IT project experts inovex have forged new partnerships with technology providers Confluent and Amazon Web Services, enabling the company to provide their customers with even more comprehensive technology support and additional assistance.


Confluent was founded by the team which developed the Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform for LinkedIn and scaled it to be able to receive, process and store over 1 billion messages per day. Kafka boasts particularly impressive processing speeds and provides both connectors for data integration and a framework for stream processing. These qualities have established Kafka as a key component in modern data-driven system architectures and communication between microservices.

The open-source version of the Confluent platform adds a number of additional clients and connectors to Kafka, as well as a REST proxy. The subscription-based Enterprise version offers additional enterprise-level features, including a GUI-supported control centre, dynamic load balancing, multi-data-centre replication, and additional security functions. It also, of course, includes direct support from Confluent. The platform is particularly useful, for example, for application areas such as fraud and security monitoring, equipment monitoring and the Internet of things (IoT), as well as for companies which handle sensitive information (such as financial or medical data) and those running multi-client environments with strict quality and service standards.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure platform for cloud services which provides computing performance, database storage, content delivery and other functions. Launched in 2006, AWS comprises a diverse suite of online services provided by Numerous popular services, including Dropbox, Netflix, Foursquare, Reddit and HootSuite, draw on resources from Amazon Web Services. In addition to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, AWS is one of the most significant international offerings in cloud computing and is considered an industry pioneer. As an AWS technology partner, inovex has access to a wide range of tools, training courses and support. These enable the company to offer their customers software solutions which can either be hosted on the AWS platform or integrated into it. These customers therefore benefit from direct access to security solutions and developer tools.

inovex Technology Partners 

In addition to Confluent and Amazon Web Services, inovex also maintains partnerships with Cloudera, Elastic, Hortonworks, MapR, Microsoft, Red Hat and Quobyte. These close collaborations enable inovex to develop outstanding IT solutions for digitising companies and subsequently to guarantee optimum support for them.

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inovex are IT project experts focused on digital transformation. Over 250 IT experts support companies in digitising their core businesses and in implementing new value creation models. inovex’s portfolio includes data products, web and app development, smart devices and IoT, Replatforming/Microservices and DevOps, big data, data science and search, data centre automation, cloud infrastructures and hosting, as well as training and coaching. The company has offices in Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, and is involved in projects all over Germany.

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