Meetup in Munich: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Free evening event hosted by inovex and elaboratum NEW COMMERCE CONSULTING‎


(Karlsruhe, 09.03.2018) The IT service provider inovex is holding a free public Meetup entitled “Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence & Robotics”. Meetups are thematically focused events at which people meet to discuss their shared passions and interests. The inovex Meetups are networking and discussion platforms for IT enthusiasts.

Meetup Topic

Humanoid robots, like SoftBank Robotics’ “Pepper” and other AI applications, have the power to bring lasting change to many industries. Technological developments in this area are constantly gathering speed, due in particular to tremendous advances in artificial intelligence.

This Meetup looks at the practical applications of humanoid robots in brick-and-mortar retailing. Patrick Meyer (elaboratum NEW COMMERCE CONSULTING) will present the results of a field trial involving Pepper which elaboratum and inovex carried out in a major Stuttgart shopping centre. Following Patrick’s presentation, Silvia Santano (inovex) will explain the technologies (including computer vision) behind the use cases. 


6:30 pm Doors Open
7:00 pm “Einsatz humanoider Roboter im stationären Handel” [“The Deployment of Humanoid Robots in Brick-and-Mortar Retailing”] (Patrick Meyer, elaboratum) 
7:45 pm Pizza, beer & networking
8:30 pm “Pepper, der Roboter, und die Technik dahinter” [“Pepper the Robot and the Underlying Technology”] (Silvia Santano, inovex)



“The Deployment of Humanoid Robots in Brick-and-Mortar Retailing”

Fuelled by the digitalisation taking place in all industries and business areas, online retailing has developed into a booming industry, one which could threaten the very existence of brick-and-mortar trade. How are brick-and-mortar retailers reacting to this development, and to the digital transformation in particular? And what role do humanoid robots play in all this? How are robots like Pepper received and perceived by customers, employees and shopping centre management?

Patrick Meyer tackles these questions in his presentation, which will discuss the results of a field trial using Pepper which was carried out in a Stuttgart shopping centre in October 2017. Of particular interest are the implications of this trial for brick-and-mortar retailing, as well as other fascinating issues pertaining to human-robot interaction. 

“Pepper the Robot and the Underlying Technology”

Silvia Santano (inovex) will host the application portion of the Meetup. Her presentation will focus on computer vision and will use Pepper, a humanoid robot, as an example. She will demonstrate how computer-vision-based functions have been realised and implemented for Pepper, and how external services can be linked and integrated into applications. The theoretical explanations of Pepper’s capabilities and use cases will, of course, be accompanied by a live demo. 

Dates and Information

Wednesday, 11.04.2018, 6:30 pm to approx. 9:00 pm Location: inovex Gmbh, Lindberghstraße 3, 80939 Munich The Meetup is free to attend, and drinks and pizza will be provided free of charge.

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