New inovex Training dates

Technology Training courses for Software Developers, Engineers and Analysts

(Karlsruhe, 23.05.2019) IT service provider inovex has announced new dates for the technology and method Training courses offered through the company’s 'inovex Academy' programme.

Technology Training:

For many years now, the inovex Academy has been offering single-day and multi-day courses on the latest technologies and agile methods. inovex Training courses focus on the practical applications of each subject and get participants involved through interactive exercises. inovex Academy Trainers are, without exception, real-world practitioners of the subjects they teach. They are all experts in their fields who use these methods and technologies daily in their work.

All Training courses can also be held in-house at your location.

Dates and information:

  • Kubernetes Administration Training for IT engineers with Linux knowledge (4 days): 23.07.–26.07.2019 (Karlsruhe), 03.09.–06.09.2019 (Karlsruhe)
  • MapR: 'Develop Apache Spark Application' Training for Software Developers and Software Architects (3 days): 12.06.–14.06.2019 (Karlsruhe), 26.06.–28.06.2019 (Hamburg), 03.07.–05.07.2019 (Cologne), 24.07.–26.07.2019 (Munich), 14.08.–16.08.2019 (Hamburg)
  • Go/Golang Training for IT Engineers (2 days): 26.06.–27.06.2019 (Karlsruhe)
  • MapR Cluster Administration Training for System Administrators and System Engineers (3 days): 11.06.–13.06.2019 (Karlsruhe), 16.07.–18.07.2019 (Munich), 06.08.–08.08.2019 (Hamburg), 03.09.–05.09.2019 (Cologne), 24.09.–26.09.2019 (Munich)

Additional courses available:
The following additional courses are also available. Please enquire to arrange Training dates:

  • React Training for developers with a basic knowledge of JavaScript and web development (3 days)

  • Power BI Training for business analysts, specialist users working with data, and Business Intelligence Developers (1 day)
  • Python Basics for Analysts, Engineers, Scientists, Developers, Accountants, etc. (2 days)
  • Python Training for Analysts, Mathematicians, Economists, etc. (2 days)


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