Two-Day Apache Spark Training Course in Karlsruhe from 26.04.2017 to 27.04.2017

Training on the Apache Spark framework for real-time data analysis.

(Karlsruhe, 11.04.2017) IT project experts inovex will be holding a training course on the Apache Spark framework in Karlsruhe from 26.04.2017 to 27.04.2017. Interested parties are invited to register for available places.

Course Content

Whether for batch or stream processing, Apache Spark’s performance as distributed in-memory technology has firmly and rapidly established it as part of the big data tools ecosystem.

This training course provides an introduction to Spark as a tool for analysing large volumes of data, and covers both batch and streaming processes. This training course emphasises the formulation of analytical queries and the use of machine learning processes. Course participants are introduced to the architectures, techniques and tools needed to implement appropriate solutions to specific business requirements.

This training course focuses heavily on practical work and features a complex database in which participants practice the methods, tools and techniques discussed.

Target group: Analysts, software developers, architects

Length: 2 days


  • Spark Basics and architecture
  • Spark APIs and the RDD data structure
  • Formulating queries with Spark SQL
  • Transformations and actions in the Spark context
  • Zeppelin as a Spark frontend
  • Machine learning using the Spark MLlib
  • Overview of the Apache Spark ecosystem
  • Designing Spark architectures for implementing specific use cases


  • The course fees include training materials, certificates of participation, lunches, drinks and snacks.
  • Participants must bring their own laptops to the training sessions.

Dr Robin Senge is a senior Big Data Scientist at inovex. As a machine learning specialist, he designs and implements ad-hoc data analyses and data-driven use cases based on Apache Spark (among other things).

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