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In today’s digital era, advancing digitalization is an indispensable part of any company’s success. Whether you are a small start-up or an established SME, the right digital strategy can make the difference between stagnant growth and sustainable success. A customized IT service plays a crucial role in this.

From our office in Karlsruhe, we support companies with their digitalization – whether in sub-projects or larger projects. Thanks to the wide-ranging expertise of our colleagues, we can always offer you the right project setting for your requirements.

Quick help on site

We can support you in your company at any time and help out on site in urgent cases.

Space for meetings

Our office rooms offer space and we cordially invite you to hold sprint changes or other project meetings with us.

Permanently employed experts

Whether AI models, app development or setting up infrastructures – we rely on in-house expertise and no third-party providers.

Many years of experience

We have been offering digitalization services for over 25 years now and are firmly integrated into the Karlsruhe IT community.

Our technology partners

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I look forward to your inquiry.

Benjamin Rader

Your IT service provider in Karlsruhe

We support you with proven experts in your project - software, data & AI and IT infrastructure.

Our service portfolio as an IT service provider in Karlsruhe


We work agile - both internally and in our customer projects. And we support you with the introduction of agile methods in your company.


We develop high-quality, quality-assured apps for Android and iOS for companies in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI models and generative AI to help you design your processes more effectively and develop new products.


We develop robust and scalable backend systems for you that form the backbone of your solutions.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is one of our core competencies, which is becoming increasingly important in an age of growing data volumes.


Fully automated, highly available and highly scalable: we develop infrastructure solutions that meet all the requirements of a cloud architecture.

Data Engineering

Our data engineering solutions are the basis for success in digitalization - from business intelligence to the use of AI.

Data Science

Our teams of data scientists and data engineers provide you with holistic support - from data analysis to application and maintenance in practice.

Digital Quality

Our aim is to realize excellent solutions for your digital transformation.


We support you in developing medical software, programming health apps and building clinical IT infrastructures.

Embedded Systems

We make your products and systems even smarter. We develop embedded Android/Linux and pay attention to embedded security.


With our help, you can create web apps that are more interactive and diverse - with a clear design language.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We support you from the planning of your IoT product to security approaches, hardware selection, provisioning and enrollment through to rollout.


With Kubernetes, we simplify and automate the deployment, operation, maintenance and scaling of container-based applications for you.

Product Management

With an iterative and user-centered approach, we support our clients in validating their product ideas on the market.


We can place security experts in projects to ensure that state-of-the-art security precautions are taken during development.


We love to share our expertise! That's why we offer a variety of our training courses in Karlsruhe - in our office or at your company.


We develop and implement UI/UX concepts in which the interface and user experience are optimally coordinated and present your brand professionally.

Cooperation with inovex Karlsruhe

Excellent projects are the result of strong partnerships. That’s why one of our colleagues will clarify your requirements and wishes from the very first contact and, if necessary, bring in a technical expert in the follow-up meeting to address more in-depth technical questions.

Before the project starts, it has proven to be a good idea for our teams to understand your requirements as well as possible. To this end, we generally use an initial workshop that precedes a joint project. This lays the foundation (backlog) for a successful collaboration.

Thanks to an agile development phase, we can react flexibly and quickly to your requirements. If new requirements arise during the project, we can fill our cross-functional teams with the right experts at any time.

After a successful launch, the work is not over for us. If you wish, we can also support you in the productive phase to drive iterative improvements to your product and develop new features.

The main added value of our joint development with inovex GmbH for the esw GROUP is that the experience and work results of our employees are made usable and enriched with algorithms to produce recommendations for action. The quality and value of our data increases and both plant operators and maintenance staff are deployed more efficiently thanks to the new tool.
Dr. Stefan Hoppe
Technical Managing Director, esw Group
The hybrid approach enables us to efficiently store large volumes of data in order to analyze them in real time and gain insights. With inovex at our side, we have successfully expanded our existing DWH/BI infrastructure to include a state-of-the-art data lake landscape, thus creating the basis for implementing upcoming analytics requirements.
Thomas Herwerth
Product Manager DWH/BI, dmTech
The collaboration with inovex was very productive. Thanks to the use of agile methods, new challenges could be addressed promptly and the open, direct interaction with each other made communication very pleasant.
Roman Okon
Product manager, 1&1
The spontaneity of being able to work quickly and easily directly in the container has helped us immensely. Critical hardware faults could be localized and rectified quickly. We are delighted with how quickly the inovex team familiarized themselves with the new subject matter of inverters, smart meters and charging stations.
Ralf Ziegler
Head of Digital Business, PRAMAC Storage Systems
The move to the new data center, which was detached from Douglas, went smoothly. A heterogeneous team of Hussel employees, support from Douglas Informatik & Service and inovex BI specialists implemented the new infrastructure within the specified time frame and within the planned budget without any errors. As a result, the monthly and year-end evaluations could already be carried out on the new system as required.
Andreas Smieja
Project manager, Hussel
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Foto Benjamin Rader

I look forward to your inquiry.

Benjamin Rader

Get your project off to the right start

Contact us and you will receive an initial consultation on the solutions we can offer you.

inovex Karlsruhe

inovex GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 6
76131 Karlsruhe
charging stations for electric vehicles

Our Karlsruhe office and main location is part of the modern “Park Plaza” building complex on the edge of the newly created “City Park”, very close to Karlsruhe city center.

Our experienced colleagues work on three floors for clients from all over Germany. The office’s spacious and versatile room program includes both shared workstations (including soundproofing technology, of course) and classic individual offices for frequent callers plus team spaces with “idea walls” and other inspiring gimmicks for brainstorming sessions. All workstations and meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Several meeting rooms offer enough space for meetings, our open training offer and our regular meetups.

As an IT service provider, we have been helping companies with their digital transformation for more than 25 years and supporting them with their projects in areas such as data science, infrastructure, app development and UI/UX – always with a focus on agile development.

IT-Jobs in Karlsruhe

Work with professionals not just once, but every day!

Here you can find our vacancies in Karlsruhe, most of which we fill all year round. For almost all positions, you can choose which of our seven locations you would like to work at – whether full-time or part-time.

Frequently asked questions about our IT services in Karlsruhe

Which regions around the Karlsruhe site does inovex cover with its range of services?

We cover all regions around and near Karlsruhe and in Baden-Württemberg. Our offices in Stuttgart and Pforzheim give us a particularly strong presence in this region.

inovex is a nationwide company with 8 locations throughout Germany. This enables us to provide you with the best possible service.

Can I get to know inovex's IT services in Karlsruhe beforehand?

Yes, talk to our colleagues in Karlsruhe and arrange an appointment to get to know us. We look forward to welcoming you to our office. Not only can you meet some of our experts in person, but you can also get an idea of inovex and our corporate culture.

What are the options for contract terms for inovex IT services?

Our projects are as individual as our customers’ requirements. The contract terms can therefore vary greatly. They depend on your requirements.

What are the costs for IT services at inovex in Karlsruhe?

In most cases, there is no general answer to this question. You can find specific prices in our fixed-price offers in the embedded area, such as the OTA-Strategie and Yocto Quick Start. You will also usually find fixed prices for our training courses. However, we also offer customized Trainings.

In our projects, we work with you to find the best solution for your wishes and requirements. Price structures and models can vary and no blanket statements can be made. However, the framework conditions are extremely important to us in every project. We want to work in partnership with you as equals and offer you innovative, secure and scalable solutions.

What are the advantages of external support from an IT service provider?

We support you with our wide-ranging expertise and can respond quickly and flexibly to new project requirements. Is the focus shifting to security? Does the new software need an accessible user interface?

We have the right experts – in-house and permanently employed.

How do IT services ensure that data protection is complied with?

Our data protection team is constantly working to ensure that our internal and external work meets strict requirements.

For which typical industries is inovex IT consulting suitable?

We have gained industry experience in a wide range of sectors. In addition to automotive, e-health and energy, we also have major clients in the media, industry and retail sectors.

What exactly does an IT system house do?

As an IT service provider, we offer a wide range of IT-related services to support your technological needs. These include IT consulting, IT infrastructure development, software, embedded systems and AI applications, as well as cyber security, data management and training. These services help you optimize your IT infrastructure, reduce costs, increase productivity and protect against security threats.

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Benjamin Rader
Account Manager – Stuttgart
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Foto Benjamin Rader

I look forward to your inquiry.

Benjamin Rader

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Foto Benjamin Rader
Benjamin Rader
Account Manager – Stuttgart
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