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Our customers should see fast, tangible results, whether in smaller projects or major ones. From the very outset, we want to build trust through transparency, regular feedback and calculable outlay. From our earliest beginning, we have therefore worked on agile principles.

Why agile?

Agile software development has established itself as a standard practice. This is no mere coincidence, as today’s world is characterised by rapid changes in requirements and a wealth of new technologies – the perfect conditions for agile methods to shine. Above and beyond pure software development, however, an increasing number of companies are recognising that consistent customer focus and agile methods are the key to their ability to adapt, to innovate – and thus to survive. Here at inovex, we have been using agile methods for many years and we have integrated its principles deep into our projects, as well as into many of our internal processes.

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Agile projects focus on achieving rapid, visible success by developing products in functional increments. This enables companies to receive customer feedback as early as possible and to make continuous improvements. This iterative process provides our customers (and us) with greater transparency regarding the current status of their (and our) projects and the progress being made. The agile approach enables companies to avoid both serious planning errors and interdepartmental problems, issues which don’t usually come to light until very late in the project process with traditional approaches and complicated requirements management systems.

How does inovex provide support for agile projects?

We offer a wide spectrum of agile services. These range from consulting for  businesses implementing agile methods and supporting companies during periods of organisational change (we specialise in providing agile coaching and support for product owners), right through to providing hands-on assistance with agile projects.

When working on development projects, we use methods like Kanban and Scrum, depending on the context. We also possess far-reaching expertise in scaling collaboration across multiple development teams, as we demonstrated in our projects for Exaring AG and REWE digital GmbH, for example.

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We also support our customers’ agile product development projects by implementing user-centric approaches. This is particularly helpful during the Product Discovery phases, in which we deploy effective discovery methods like Design Thinking and Design Sprints.

Implementing agility generally requires companies to adjust their way of thinking, and inovex is the perfect partner to guide you through this cultural and organisational shift. On the one hand, we can provide consulting on implementing agile methods, specifically in the form of Agile Coaching. On the other, however, we can also provide operational support for those of your employees who are still adjusting to their new agile roles, such as product owners, for example.

If there are particular Scrum roles which cannot be filled from among your own workforce, inovex employees will be happy to help bridge these gaps. We believe, however, that an agile transformation will be successful only if the requisite knowledge and competences are developed internally. Our goal, therefore, is always to establish these abilities sustainably within our customers’ organisations.

Where required, inovex can also provide complete Scrum Teams, comprising developers, Scrum masters, and product owners. This allows inovex developers to support our customers’ agile implementations by demonstrating the methods in practice. After all, agile methods can be “imposed” from outside only to a very limited extent – after that, users must experience them for themselves.

We walk the walk

„We eat our own dogfood“

Here at inovex, we are using an iterative strategy process to manage our own agile transformation. We also believe in flat hierarchies, and we base all our decisions on agile values. As all our project teams are self-organised and agile skills are, therefore, essential, every new inovex employee receives training in agile methods. We also support our employees by holding meetings in agile formats (like Lean Coffee) and by facilitating the internal transfer of knowledge (through brown bag lunches and tech days, for example). Many of our internal teams work agilely and thus enjoy a high level of transparency, quality and efficiency. Our Marketing Team, HR Team and Sales Team have each established different agile methods tailored specifically to their requirements and they use these in combination with our ISO-certified quality management processes.

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Head of inovex Academy

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