If companies want to maximise the benefits of the digital transformation for themselves, they must sensibly manage and evaluate their increasing stocks of data.

This includes using both traditional business intelligence methods (data warehousing, ETL, reporting, dashboards) and the newer trends in this field: big data, data science and search-based applications. We are specialists in resolving challenging data management and analysis tasks under time pressure. These are tasks for which companies often have no in-house experts and include: modelling highly complex cubes, integrating heterogeneous data sources, efficiently handling very large data volumes (big data), scientifically analysing these data pools (data science) and deploying innovative search technology in corporate contexts.

Technology Stacks

Microsoft BI

  • DBMS / DWH mit Microsoft SQL Server Data Platform
  • ETL mit Microsoft Integration Services, Power Query
  • OLAP mit Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Tabular Modelling in Microsoft Analysis Services, Power Pivot
  • Berichtswesen und Analyse mit Microsoft Reporting Services, Excel, Power View, Power Map
  • Integration in Microsoft Sharepoint oder Power BI in Office 365
  • Sprachen: SQL, MDX, XMLa, M
  • Stammdatenmanagement mit SQL Server Master Data Services
  • Sicherstellen der Datenqualität mit den SQL Server Data Quality Services
  • Individuelle Erweiterungen und Anpassungen mit C#.NET, ASP.NET


  • ETL mit Cubeware Importer
  • Cubeware Connectivity for SAP Solutions
  • Reporting, Planung, Analyse und Dashboards mit Cubeware Cockpit V6Pro
  • Cubeware Mobile BI für Apple
  • Cubeware Mobile BI für Android (powered by inovex)

Open Source BI

  • DBMS / DWH mit PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • ETL mit Pentaho Data Integration
  • OLAP mit Mondrian
  • Reporting mit Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics

Big Data

  • Hadoop, YARN, Map Reduce
  • Binary Data Formats: Thrift, Avro, Google Protocol Buffers
  • Interaktive Analysen mit Hive, Pig, Impala, Spark
  • Job-Steuerung mit Oozie
  • Data Ingestion: Flume, Sqoop
  • NoSQL-Datenbanken: HBase, Cassandra, elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Machine Learning / NLP / Data Mining: Mahout, R, UIMA
  • Big Data Analytics mit Datameer (Installation, Administration, Customizing, Erweiterungen)


  • Enterprise Search mit Lucene, SOLR, elasticsearch
  • Integration in Anwendungen und Portale
  • Machine Data Analysis mit elasticsearch, Logstash und Kibana
  • elasticsearch PlugIn-Entwicklung
  • Search-based Applications
  • Integration SOLR, elasticsearch und Hadoop / HBase

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