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Business intelligence is one of inovex's core competencies. It is also one which, in this age of digital transformation and increasingly large data volumes, has not lost its significance – quite the opposite, in fact.

In this era of big data and self-service business intelligence, there is an increasing demand for business intelligence solutions to be used as company-wide KPI and performance systems. A well-planned BI landscape integrates these new developments, leveraging their particular benefits – such as low-cost storage and agile rapid prototyping ? and combining them with quality-assured, intuitive standard reporting. Skills like data warehouse design, intelligent data extraction and preparing data for transfer to analytical databases, reporting and dashboards are needed more than ever.

We specialise in specific BI requirements, including the modelling of highly complex cubes, the integration of heterogeneous data sources, the implementation of mobile dashboards, and data warehouse tuning. As a long-term Microsoft partner, we also have a great deal of experience with this technology stack.

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inovex cooperates with a range of selected technology partners to offer our customers genuine added value: Cloudera, Elastic, Hortonworks, Liferay, MapR, Microsoft, Red Hat, Quobyte and UID.

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