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The digital transformation generates immense quantities of hugely diverse data. In many cases, this data cannot be meaningfully evaluated using traditional analysis methods.

Currently, therefore, academia and science are developing new methods (or transferring existing methods from other areas to enterprise IT) in order to extract valuable information and knowledge from these data volumes. One example concerns technology which was developed at CERN during the search for the Higgs boson and which is now being used by corporations to analyse extremely large volumes of web traffic. inovex boasts a team of highly qualified data scientists who adapt the latest data analysis methods for use by our customers.

Data Science for ProSiebenSat.1

Data Science for ProSiebenSat.1

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG markets traditional TV advertising slots, and is also involved with numerous e-commerce companies. As part of this involvement, ProSiebenSat.1 is making available advertising slots for e-commerce offerings. The company is, therefore, greatly interested in the specific value added by TV ads to the e-commerce companies advertised. Exactly how many visitors visit an e-commerce website because they saw its TV ad? How much revenue is generated by those visitors proven to have come to the website from the TV ad?

Read the "Data Science for ProSiebenSat.1" case study

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inovex-Vortrag beim Big Data Summit 2015

Data-Driven Marketing - Connecting the Dots between TV and Online.

Welchen messbaren Einfluss hat TV-Werbung auf das Online-Verhalten? ProSiebenSat.1 beantwortet diese Frage objektiv mit Big-Data-Technologien.

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