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Apps are probably the most visible embodiment of the digital transformation. Thanks to apps, programs and information which were previously available only via mainframes or complex back-end systems can now be accessed and processed on mobile devices at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The rapid development of smartphones and the Internet of Things is currently leading to an increased digitisation of business processes, business ideas, and the flow of information. Apps have now become an integral part of both our business and personal lives.

Our Services

We develop high-end, quality-assured apps for our customers, which we integrate optimally with all necessary back-end systems in order to leverage their full potential. Whether on Android, iOS, or cross-platform, and for our clients, their customers, or their employees, we create customised solutions to meet all requirements.

State-of-the-art consulting

and knowledge transfer

Even before beginning the app development process, we assist our customers in their search for the right technology. This ensures that we create a solution which not only fits seamlessly into their current systems, but which will also be sustainable in the long run. Our customers benefit from our experience in countless native and cross-platform projects. We stay abreast of current trends, and we enjoy passing our knowledge of new APIs and platform updates on to our customers.

At your side

throughout the development cycle – and beyond

Thanks to our expertise in app development and testing, we are able to complete customer projects cost-effectively within the specified time frames. We are familiar with all popular tools, and we are constantly expanding our knowledge to enable us to support each application throughout its life cycle and to find the optimum configuration for each project. We have also been able to implement white-label solutions in a variety of projects, thus simplifying the process from idea to app development to distribution tremendously. We can also draw on many years of extensive experience in publishing the apps to the various stores (App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store).

Optimum user experience

Through modern User Interfaces

In addition to excellent technical implementation, we also place special emphasis on a high level of user acceptance. Our User Interface / User Experience Design (UI/UX) experts provide advice on design issues in projects and offer appropriate solutions to guarantee optimum usability.

Maintenance and upkeep

in a long-lasting partnership

After completing the development process and launching an app, we don’t just disappear. Instead, we continue to work with our customers on ensuring the success of their products. We are happy to partner with our customers through ongoing maintenance contracts or to provide assistance with change requests.

Independent quality control

“Software Clinic”

We can also put existing applications through their paces in our “Software Clinic”. The aim here is to determine the quality of an app and to recommend targeted measures to further develop it in a sustainable manner.

Case Studies


EXARING AG: Developing Android and iOS Apps for the streaming service

Linear TV and innovation are by no means polar opposites. This is demonstrated by EXARING AG which, with the support of inovex GmbH, developed the streaming service. inovex was able to get in on the ground at the Development of and was significantly involved in the design and implementation of the Backend and the Mobile Applications for Android and iOS, as well as in assembling the development teams.


Südzucker: Developing a self-service app for sugar beet cultivation

As the largest sugar manufacturer in Germany, Südzucker recognized the potential for digitising the delivery processes and thus ensuring greater transparency for its growers. With inovex’s assistance, an app solution which both met these requirements and provided a central information platform was created – in just six months: beet2go.


RTL Technology: Large-scale, cross-media app development

Together with RTL Technology GmbH, an innovative app has been created that combines RTL Deutschland’s entire media offering in an all-inclusive service.


Bosch: Developing an Enterprise App for Auditing Vendors

Every year, the long-standing vehicle parts manufacturer Bosch uses hundreds of audits to keep tabs on its global vendors at their various premises – a complex process which will, thanks to a customised mobile app from inovex, soon run seamlessly and digitally from the factory floor to a central database. The result? Better quality data is more efficiently collected and more quickly available.


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