For many people, Apps epitomise Digital Transformation. Functions which were once only available in analogue form or on larger systems are now digitally at our fingertips on mobile devices.

We develop high-end, quality-assured Android and iOS Apps which are fully integrated into backend systems. By using both mobile platforms, we cover almost the entire relevant mobile communications market. This enables our clients to provide their customers or employees with customised Apps for either technology platform. We also examine existing applications with quality problems in a kind of 'software clinic'. Here, we determine the cause of the problem and recommend measures to resolve it, as well as advising the client on the costs involved.

EXARING AG: Developing Android and iOS Apps for the streaming service

EXARING AG: Developing Android and iOS Apps for the streaming service

Linear TV and innovation are by no means polar opposites. This is demonstrated by EXARING AG which, with the support of inovex GmbH, developed the streaming service. inovex was able to get in on the ground at the Development of and was significantly involved in the design and implementation of the Backend and the Mobile Applications for Android and iOS, as well as in assembling the development teams.

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