Mobile Enterprise

An essential (and to a large extent, visible) feature of Digital Transformation is mobile internet access.

It’s not just our personal lives which have become digital and mobile: many internal business processes can also be modeled in Mobile Applications. The internal use of tablets and smartphones offers tremendous potential for companies. All mobile employees (field sales, logistics, quality control, etc.) can be very efficiently supported in their work through task-appropriate Apps, thus saving a great deal of time and resources and preventing errors.

We provide consulting on appropriate App technology and the technical architecture. We also develop enterprise Apps (cross-platform with HTML5, native with Android, iOS and Windows 8/Modern UI) with responsive web design for optimum usability.

Case Study

Mobile Enterprise

‘KOSMoS’ project

The aim of the KOSMoS project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education, is to connect manufacturing companies with one another, thereby creating a secure, digital value network that transcends company boundaries. Within the consortium of nine project partners, inovex is the expert in Data Management and Analytics.

(Pflicht-) Praktikum

Start: ab sofort oder zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt Standorte: Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, München, Köln oder Hamburg inovex ist ein innovations- und qualitätsgetriebenes IT-Projekthaus mit dem Leistungsschwerpunkt „Digitale Transformation”. Mehr als 400 IT-Expert:innen unterstützen Unternehmen umfassend bei der Digitalisierung ihres Kerngeschäfts und bei der Realisierung von neuen digitalen Geschäftsideen. Zum aktuellen Portfolio von inovex gehören Product Discovery […]

1&1 Internet SE: Developing an interview tool for creating custom websites based on cutting-edge web technologies

Website builders have been extremely popular for years, due to the fact that they allow even less tech-savvy users to showcase their ideas and businesses online and thus to considerably increase their reach. Working with inovex GmbH, 1&1, Europe’s leading webhosting service (, has expanded its 1&1 MyWebsite website builder to include an innovative design service which allows customers and web designers to interact in real time.

24/7 Spark Streaming on YARN in Production

At a large client in the German food retailing industry, we have been running Spark Streaming on Apache Hadoop™ YARN in production for close to a year now. Overall, Spark Streaming has proved to be a flexible, robust and scalable streaming engine. However, one can tell that streaming itself has been retrofitted into Apache Spark™. […]

3 reasons why you should use Google Container Engine

This past month I prepared a talk titled Introduction to the Google Container Engine for the GDG DevFest in Karlsruhe. While doing so I thought it would be a good idea to write up all my ideas, no matter whether they ended up in the presentation or not. So here you go, a primer on Google Container […]

3D Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2

The world that we interact with each and every day is three-dimensional, but the majority of deep learning models process visual data as 2D images. However, there are some neural network architectures that are capable of processing 3D structures directly. An early approach was presented at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) in […]

4 Ways to Manage Your OpenStack Secrets with Terraform and git

Uploading secrets (i.e. passwords and usernames) to version control is an obviously terrible idea. Yet, there are almost 450,000 commits to github for the search term “remove password”. Fortunately, Terraform and its OpenStack provider offer us some pretty nifty ways of keeping our secrets to ourselves and still using comfortable authentication and configuration. There are […]

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