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Voice-controlled AI-based systems offer innovative, practical solutions to help people navigate digital environments. These systems may include chatbots which enable service staff to intuitively carry out what would otherwise be very complex processes, smart devices which are supplemented by built-in voice functions, or voice assistants which bring simple FAQ-based dialogues to life.

As human interaction with companies becomes increasingly digital, the needs of a growing number of target groups must be taken into account. Communication is no longer always person-to-person; instead, it is becoming increasingly person-to-machine. Voice interfaces simplify this communication and provide a useful addition to more traditional input media like keyboards, mice, or touchscreens.

As well as increasing user convenience, these voice interfaces also bring benefits for companies. Conversational artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for companies to connect with their target groups or to improve existing systems.
Particularly in times when in-person interaction is difficult, voice interfaces can provide an important interface for customer communication. This leads to usage scenarios which more closely resemble normal conversations than they do interactions with a computer.

Usage Scenarios

Although using spoken or written language has long been considered a second-best option, artificial intelligence has opened up a wealth of new options which we can integrate into our customers’ systems. Functions we have already implemented include:

  • Chatbots which enable even inexperienced service personnel to perform complex tasks intuitively
  • Voice skills for the Google Assistant and Alexa which provide access to customer portals
  • Voice assistants for FAQ-based chats in apps or web applications
  • Smart devices whose scope is enhanced by built-in voice functions
  • Enhancements to Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs) for use in call centres
  • Industrial devices which can be controlled by simple voice commands

Our experience enables us to develop solutions for any application scenario in which systems process users’ natural language in real time.

Our Services

Our extensive technical expertise enables us to solve the most diverse challenges posed by Conversational AI for our customers.

Artificial Intelligence is Our Strength

Our company enjoys strong links to academic research and has already successfully participated in multiple competitions and tenders. Whether our customers want to classify texts, identify user intent, or something completely different, we put ourselves in their shoes to help them find a solution which meets their needs.
To this end, we draw on our technological expertise in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

Holistic Approach

We offer our customers a holistic range of services in the field of written and spoken language – from infrastructure to devices right through to the operation of Conversational AI. We already have a reservoir of project experience to draw on, most notably from developing voice solutions for systems designed by major players like Apple and Google.
When developing customer solutions, we take into account companies’ specific functional and data protection requirements. This results in sustainable solutions which allow companies to control all the components used, rather than opaque, “black box” solutions.

Smart Devices

We develop devices which can both understand and be understood by humans, whether these are devices which are natively equipped with audio or video interfaces or devices to which supplemental listening and voice skills have been added after the fact. We can also combine them with other interfaces which use visual inputs (for example). We create technology solutions based on and optimally tailored to our customers’ technical requirements.

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Hans-Peter Zorn

Head of Artificial Intelligence