Data Strategy & AI Integration

The use of data and artificial intelligence has become a strategic success factor for companies. Whether your company is an SME, a major corporation, or a startup, we can help you remain competitive and innovative by assisting you in making your data usable and leveraging it to add value.

Perhaps you already have ideas about how your business can benefit from your data and artificial intelligence, but you’re facing major challenges when it comes to implementing them. Many companies find that the initial hurdle often lies in formulating their ideas and translating them into concrete actions.

We will put our years of experience and comprehensive expertise in dealing with data and AI to work for you. We can assist you on your journey towards becoming a data-orientated company and help you develop an appropriate, holistic data and AI strategy.

We will work with you to develop a vision for your data and AI. This vision will become a guiding principle for your company and will serve as a point of orientation for your journey. In creating this vision, we will focus on harnessing data and AI to generate value and thus support your company’s overarching goals.

We will study the current situation in your company. In doing so, we will take into account your infrastructure and technology landscape, analyse your data sources and streams, and determine your current level of data analysis. We also want to understand your workflows and procedures as well as your company’s level of expertise and capabilities with regard to data and AI. This information-gathering process is essential in determining the steps required to achieve your vision.

We will work with you to analyse your current products and processes in order to identify potential use cases for your data and AI transformation. Together, we will prioritise initiatives which deliver rapid value-generating results for your company and its continuing development.

We will use our analysis of the status quo and any gaps we have identified, as well as the prioritised use cases, to develop a realistic, implementable roadmap. Together, we will define joint phases and milestones, as well as metrics by which to measure our progress. This roadmap will guide your company along your journey. It should, however, be regularly reevaluated in accordance with the agile mindset.

Our partnership extends beyond developing your data and AI strategy to supporting and implementing it throughout the various stages of its development.
Sebastian Blank
Head of Natural Language Processing, inovex GmbH

For a strategy to succeed in the long term, it must be adopted and implemented across the entire organisation. It must also be regularly reviewed and realigned as necessary to take into account changing circumstances and new developments.

Training & Enablement

We will share our knowledge and capabilities in the field of data and artificial intelligence to help you establish a “data culture” in your company. We would be delighted to put together a customised series of training and workshops for both technical and non-technical participants.

Technical Implementation

Our decades of experience in implementing digital transformation projects enable us to offer partnerships which go beyond strategy development. We help shoulder the load and accompany you on your data strategy and AI journey. You will benefit from having an experienced partner by your side as you take the steps necessary to become a data-centric organisation.

Your visions, our expertise:
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