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Digital Transformation provides impressive proof that value can be created not only by processing physical raw materials, but also by making maximum use of valuable digital information.

In order to use information profitably, however, new digital solutions for customers or employees must be added onto stable backends and integrated into existing IT systems. This is the only way to ensure that digital processes are automated and executed without media disruption or errors at interface level. This is where even ambitious IT projects often fail.

inovex was launched in 1999 as a systems provider focused on databases and middleware. We therefore have a great deal of experience in implementing high-quality backend systems. Today we integrate new applications and services perfectly into enterprise environments, for example using web and cloud services like Spring/Spring Boot, Netflix OSS, JEE, JVM based languages, .NET Core, Go, Serverless & Microservices, classic databases and NoSQL databases, State-of-the-art security procedures (e.g. OpenID Connect).

EXARING AG: Development of a scalable microservice backend for the streaming service

EXARING AG: Development of a scalable microservice backend for the streaming service

EXARING AG proves that linear TV and innovation are by no means mutually exclusive. The company worked with inovex GmbH to develop the streaming service.

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