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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence/BI is one of inovex’s core competencies. It is also one which, in this age of Digital Transformation and increasingly large data volumes, has not lost its significance – quite the opposite, in fact.

In this era of Big Data and self-service Business Intelligence, there is an increasing demand for business intelligence solutions to be used as company-wide KPI and performance systems. A well-planned BI landscape integrates these new developments, leveraging their particular benefits – such as low-cost storage and agile rapid prototyping – and combining them with quality-assured, intuitive standard reporting. Skills like data warehouse design, intelligent data extraction and preparing data for transfer to analytical databases, reporting and dashboards are needed more than ever.

We specialise in specific BI requirements, including the modelling of highly complex cubes, the integration of heterogeneous data sources, the implementation of mobile dashboards, and data warehouse tuning. As a long-term Microsoft partner, we also have a great deal of experience with this technology stack.

BI Tech Stack

Cloud-based Analytics and Data Management

Modern Data Warehouse in Microsoft Azure

  • Highly scalable data storage in Azure Data Lake
  • Relational Data in Azure SQL Database / Data Warehouse (Synapse)
  • Data Streaming from event hub and IoT hub
  • Data Integration and Movement with Azure Data Factory and Databricks
  • Real-time Event Processing with Azure Stream Analytics
  • Online Ad-hoc Analysis, Reporting and Dashboarding in Power BI
  • Data Science with Azure Machine Learning
  • Data Governance with Purview
  • All-in-one analytics with fabric
On-Premise Data Warehousing

Microsoft BI Stacks

  • Relational data storage with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Data integration with Integration Services
  • OLAP and Tabular Mode with Analysis Services
  • Online Ad-hoc Analysis and Visualisation in Power BI
  • Traditional reporting with Power BI Report Server
  • User data management with Master Data Services
  • Job management with SQL Server Agent

Case Studies

Business Intelligence

dmTech: Creation of a hybrid BI architecture with Big Data components

The IT subsidiary of dm, the chain of cosmetics and healthcare stores with the biggest sales in Germany, has more than 800 employees focused on digitalising the company’s retail operation.
The emphasis is on the development of innovative solutions: for the online shop and customer and employee apps as well as for the IT infrastructure in the dm stores, distribution centres and headquarters. With a number of innovations, a key role is played by the efficient handling and analysis of large amounts of data in order to produce added benefits from the combination of data sources (Big Data).


TimoCom: Agile Data Warehousing using BIML and Microsoft SQL Server

The core business of TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH consists of various IT-based services in the transport and logistics sector. As the company’s existing BI solution was no longer able to reliably fulfil these requirements, inovex GmbH and Axians GmbH helped to analyse the current situation, design a new system architecture, and plan and implement the migration of the company’s data warehouse.


Technology partners

As a fundamentally technologically independent project house, we can design and implement individual end-to-end BI solutions thanks to our extensive experience in the individual architectures and applications.

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