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The Digital Transformation process is changing people’s approach to products and services and the companies behind them.

Use-Cases for Cloud Technology

Communication, interaction and business processes are supported by digital solutions or have long since been purely digital. This development has been massively driven by the major platforms (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) and continues to gather pace thanks to innovative concepts such as the IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous mobility, etc.

The classic data centre landscape has now also completely changed. These days, very flexible, scalable, automated and highly available IT infrastructures and services are needed to keep pace with digitalisation. These form the basis of new digital solutions.

Advantages of cloud solutions

Where classic data centres were still operated with a great deal of manual work, awkwardly and often wrongly dimensioned and not very innovative, an initial drive has made it possible to modernise the data centre by installing virtualisation solutions to react more flexibly to the need for resources. Based on this, further automation measures have now allowed us to create cloud infrastructures precisely tailored to the needs of the digital transformation process. They are no longer the eye of the needle for digital strategies, but the enabler, because they first and foremost enable modern concepts such as DevOps, continuous delivery and high availability.

Years of experience with Cloud Technology

inovex has been specialising in the design/architecture, realisation and management of modern IT structures for many years. In classic data centres and at the major public cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), our cloud platform engineers develop infrastructure solutions for our clients and their digital applications.

We build clouds


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Our team ‘IT Engineering & Operations’ builds cloud platforms in private clouds or in hybrid systems, harnessing the power of big cloud providers such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft. We also offer our own ‘inovex cloud services’ platform where we operate digital services for our customers using DevOps principles.

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Matthias Albert

Head of IT Engineering & Operations