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Azure – Microsoft’s Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure is one of the world’s largest cloud platforms. It enables processes and other services to be moved to the cloud, where they can be scaled securely on demand.

Azure provides all today’s popular enterprise IT technologies, from basic Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

We help our customers to leverage the potential of the cloud and to find the perfect solution for their needs.

Our Azure-Based Offerings

State-of-the-Art Software Solutions on Azure

Cloud-based software solutions are characterized above all by flexibility and sustainability. We build state-of-the-art software solutions in the Azure cloud for many of our customers. In each case, the customer determines the project’s starting point – whether the project involves a completely new concept or an existing solution from a legacy system which needs to be updated and transferred to the cloud.

Flexible software architectures involving .NET Core, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Go and other technologies enable us to deliver flexible, scalable solutions. These are based on reliable, future-proof platforms like Kubernetes.

Our customers benefit from both our Azure expertise and our experience in holistic application development using such Azure services as Azure Pipelines, Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Services, Cosmos DB, and many more.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Thanks to its highly integrated, proven technologies for storing, processing, and analysing data, Azure is the most suitable platform for implementing data-driven products and projects. The use of platform-as-a-service technologies, in particular, leads to rapid results with low initial effort and low investment costs.

We use a strong technological foundation to develop platforms for consolidating and processing customer data. This creates a basis for performing analyses and reporting in Power BI as well as for customer projects involving artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our certified experts support you from initial concept creation and infrastructure assembly right through to the implementation and optimization of complex data projects and platforms.

Automated Azure Infrastructure and Azure DevOps

As with our on-premises solutions, we rely on the infrastructure as code (IaC) paradigm when building cloud infrastructures. All infrastructure services, such as computing power, storage capacity and network, are described as code and can be set up and dismantled completely automatically at the touch of a button. This allows our customers to access a fully automated infrastructure which drastically reduces the time to market of the desired product while remaining both dynamically scalable and cost-transparent. This approach also offers greater auditability and stability than on-premises infrastructures.

Azure DevOps enables us to easily implement Continuous Deployment (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) without having to create a separate DevOps solution. This, too, saves time and costs.

Kubernetes Platform

Kubernetes has now established itself as the standard in cloud computing and container orchestration. We have been working with the technology since its inception, and we are thus highly experienced in implementing Kubernetes solutions. As members and training partners of both the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, we drive the development of container technologies like Kubernetes.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) combines with the other Azure services to provide a powerful platform for implementing cloud solutions. Kubernetes-as-a-Service reduces much of the installation and operational complexity that Kubernetes solutions otherwise involve, thus reducing development time. It is also easily connected to Azure AD, rendering user and authorization management simpler and more transparent.

Our many years of Kubernetes expertise mean that we are perfectly placed to advise our customers on the best technology solution for their needs, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge through training courses and workshops. We bring know-how to teams and projects!

Azure Onboarding

We take our customers to the cloud! As a cloud service provider, we can provide holistic support including billing – we’re a one-stop shop for cloud solutions. There are many ways to set up a cloud system. We help customers determine the correct solution for their needs and then help them implement it. In addition to Azure-only solutions, we can also develop hybrid solutions which involve and connect on-premises infrastructures or other cloud providers. This also includes developing authorization concepts, a task facilitated by Azure AD.

Thanks to our many years of expertise and our status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are able to respond specifically to the individual needs of our customers and to pass on tangible benefits to them. Not only does this allow us to offer improved support, but customers can also apply for End Customer Investment Funds (ECIFs) through us or leverage Microsoft resources to develop a proof of concept.

How We Work

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have been working closely with Microsoft for years, and we are well versed in the ever-expanding Azure universe. Our many years of expertise enable us to provide advice and support to our customers at every stage of their projects, whether these involve transferring a legacy system to the cloud, updating an existing Azure solution, or working with them to plan, implement, and later operate a complete end-to-end strategy. We will help you to implement your new Azure projects and to modernize and improve your existing Azure solutions.

Our interdisciplinary teams enable us to look at projects from many angles. When developing customer projects, we begin by adding security experts to our project teams. These skilled professionals ensure the security of our customers’ cloud systems and data while still playing an active role in the project’s development. This concept, which is known as “DevSecOps”, ensures that security is an integral part of the digital solution right from its inception and safeguards the long-term added value of the system.

Case Studies


beyerdynamic: Headphone Production 4.0

beyerdynamic has stood for high-end headphones, microphones and conference systems since 1924. The products manufactured by the company, which is headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, deliver audio technology with outstanding sound quality. As a leading audio brand, beyerdynamic integrates innovation into both its audio-technology products themselves and its production processes. It was for one of their innovative production projects that beyerdynamic leveraged inovex’s expertise.


HORNBACH: Creation of an Analytics Platform

inovex has created a customer reviews analysis platform for HORNBACH.
One of the motivations for the project was HORNBACH’s goal of analysing reviews on social platforms such as Google Maps. These reviews are provided by customers after visiting one of HORNBACH’s hardware and DIY stores. They include such information as which store the customer visited, how they felt about their buying experience, etc. The aim of the analysis platform is to use anonymised data to determine how customers view their shopping experiences at HORNBACH stores. The company also wanted the analysis results to be presented visually and attractively, with the end goal of identifying potential for increasing sales.


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