Data Consulting

Three different use cases are summarised under "Big Data". These are: firstly, the constantly growing mass of usable data (log file data, sensor data, geolocation data, social media data, etc.); secondly, the collection and evaluation of various data types (web, mobile, TV, social, internal IT systems, etc.); and thirdly, the extremely rapid processing of data (for example, real-time targeting in online advertising).

Are you looking to implement big-data technology and seeking appropriate use cases? Do you have a large volume of data and want to increase your return on it? We support you in selecting use cases and the best analysis methods, in designing your data architecture, and in converting your data into information which can be used in decision-making processes.

We are one of the first IT service providers in Germany with specific big-data project experience - from consulting to planning and development, right through to operating big-data systems in data centres.

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