Social Business

"Social Business" or "Enterprise 2.0" describes the use of social media technology within a company in order to speed up internal communication processes, to make information easier to find and share, to better support mobile work, and to promote cross-department innovation initiatives, to name just a few of the benefits.

Using social software makes companies more transparent and open. In addition, employees are better connected, hierarchies lose their significance, and a culture of innovation is encouraged. In the long term, improved collaboration can considerably speed up processes. Having said that, this shift requires time and continuity – and targeted initiatives to increase acceptance of these innovations.

We can assist you throughout this digital change process, as an adviser and initiator. We bring to the table a deep understanding of the technological details and processes which must be digitised and made mobile.

What are the business benefits of social business?

Social business accelerates communication processes within corporations, promotes collaboration among employees and facilitates knowledge transfer, even across international borders.

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How is the success of social business measured?

To enable companies to determine the success of their social business initiative long before the end of a project potentially lasting many years, we have developed a comprehensive measurement model: the Need-Capability-Result model.

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