Social Business Advantages

Based on our experience and expertise in implementing social business in corporations, we have identified the following specific business benefits:

1. Your communications processes are improved:

    • Information flows faster
    • Agreements are reached in a simple, timely manner
    • Decisions are made more quickly

2. The productivity of your employees and that of the company as a whole is massively increased as:

    • Employees and management are better informed
    • Communications costs are reduced
    • Mobile work is supported
    • Information is located more quickly
    • The right contact person is found more quickly
    • Experts and their knowledge are more transparently networked and more readily available
    • Ideas are developed more quickly, thus promoting innovation
    • Decisions are made more quickly
    • Results are of better quality

These changes also bring numerous opportunities, ranging from cost and competitive advantages through increased efficiency to improved employee motivation.

Our Consulting Services:

We help you to establish collaborative communications processes. The goal is to increase the productivity of work groups and project teams ? even across departments. This approach provides a solid foundation for future-proofing organisations, which must react flexibly and in an agile manner to increasingly rapidly changing modification processes.

Our project work focuses on the integration of Enterprise 2.0 into corporate culture. Which methods of collaboration are actually accepted by employees? Where is the greatest added value to be expected? How can the new technical options be used to increase process efficiency?

It's important to us that you achieve tangible results. Measurable milestones and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) make it easier for your company to navigate towards its strategic goals.

The inovex advantage:

We provide a comprehensive framework which integrates business, process, technological and motivational requirements into the Enterprise 2.0 context.

inovex Expertise:

  • Maturity level analysis
  • Integrated measurement model
  • Structured use cases
  • Process analysis: Where is it worthwhile deploying Enterprise 2.0?
  • Selection of use cases
  • Designing the engagement process

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