Measuring the Success of Social Business

Using social software makes companies more transparent and open; hierarchies become less significant. In the long term, improved collaboration can considerably speed up processes. This shift does, of course, take time.

How is the success of social business measured?


To enable companies to determine the success of their social business initiative long before the end of a project potentially lasting many years, we have developed a comprehensive measurement model: the Need-Capability-Result model.

Our experience shows that measuring the success of social business software in companies involves examining three dimensions:



1. There must be a need for deploying social business software (Need).

2. The people involved must understand how the new technology is to be deployed to add value (Capability).

3. Using social business software changes work processes ? and thus traditional corporate key figures (Result).

We use quantitative indicators and qualitative questions to determine your company's current position or individual use cases in the three dimensions. We then use this information to compare various training measures or change initiatives, bearing in mind the likelihood of their succeeding. From this analysis, we derive a strategy for moving forward and support you in prioritising the measures to be taken.

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