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Digital Quality

We are experts in implementing outstanding solutions (very high quality systems) for Digital Transformation.

We believe that digital quality involves preventing unpleasant surprises and ensuring long-term satisfaction for everyone involved with this type of solution (i.e. for the customer commissioning the solution, its users, and inovex as the solution provider). How can this quality trifecta be achieved?

An agile DevOps setup constantly produces new software with increasing functionality. If every single software release was subjected to traditional quality assurance (including manual testing), there would barely be time for any further development. This is why agile quality assurance must be automated, i.e. it must consist of code (“QA as code” concept). This is the only way to prevent the amount of quality assurance required increasing in tandem with a system?s functionality.

We support the automation of quality assurance with a range of tools and a list of proven best practices. We have tried and tested these tools and best practices over many years of project experience and they have proved to increase quality. Doing this enables us to ensure that all the factors which influence quality are taken into account from the very outset – from hand-coding to questions of digital security, right through to transparent documentation and long-term maintenance.

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Tobias Joch

Managing Director