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Quality, safety, and trust are the most important pillars of digital products in the modern healthcare system. We help our clients create E-Health solutions that are reliable, accessible, and meet the highest requirements.

Older legacy systems or administrative practices that still rely too much on paper make it unnecessarily difficult to switch to new, innovative digital solutions. We deliver custom-made digital health solutions that are flexible enough to interface with existing systems. This allows us to make e-health transitions as smooth as possible and enables data to be transferred and processed across systems.

Holistic Implementation

Our extensive expertise allows us to provide comprehensive support for the projects we take on. If an idea or vision of the planned product already exists, we can implement it quickly and efficiently – and, if necessary, put it through its paces in advance using a proof of concept.

We also, however, use workshops to help to discover ideas, and we work together with our customers to develop new products. Using agile working methods allows us to ensure that the products can evolve over time.

Our Services

Our services range from providing stable and secure infrastructures to workflow digitalisation and the creation of self-service portals for patients, right through to the development of data- and AI-supported products such as analyses, decision support systems, and diagnostic solutions for imaging procedures.

Case Study

ARCUS Hospitals and Medical Practices: Development of a Digital Patient Portal

For the ARCUS clinics and practices, inovex has created a new digital patient portal that not only enables patients to book appointments digitally, but also makes all information about their treatment plan accessible. At the same time, administration was made easier for the clinic staff.


ARCUS Hospitals and Medical Practices: Interview on the digitalisation project

We interviewed Ralf Lehnert, Head of IT at ARCUS Hospitals and Medical Practices, and Meliha Müller, Scrum Master & Product Discovery Coach at inovex, about their joint projects.


Case Study

Clinical IT Infrastructure On-Premises and in the Cloud

Our many years of experience with cloud projects mean that we are able to provide our customers with the best solution for their needs – whether that is in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid setup. If necessary, processes that would otherwise be limited by central computing capacities can be moved to the cloud. This not only results in improved performance, it also opens up new possibilities for decentralised data processing. There is also scope for new fields of application beyond the processing of patient data. Thanks to the Internet of Things and networked room data, for example, operating rooms and times can be booked and managed quickly and clearly.

Agile Processes

We use agile methods both in-house and externally. This allows us to offer our customers a transparent way to participate in product development. For customers with no previous experience in agile working methods, we offer workshops and training courses that enable them to work more agilely, even in non-technical settings.

Modernisation / Digitalisation of Processes

Digital solutions are capable not only of modernising old processes, but also of intelligently rethinking them. Tailor-made software can make workflow management more efficient and make information fully available to all employees. This saves manual effort and allows nursing staff to focus on their actual task – that of helping people.

Health Apps

Our experienced app developers are able to implement customer requirements quickly and agilely. Thanks to our cross-departmental expertise, the app development process can address user experience requirements as well as extend the application’s functions using features such as artificial intelligence.

Patient Portals

Until now, the patient portal market has been dominated by third-party solutions for functions such as appointment scheduling. Frequently, however, these have proven difficult to configure to specific requirements or to link to other systems, or have had only limited capacity for doing so.

inovex creates portals which enable patients to use a mobile app or web browser to perform a wide range of actions themselves – from making appointments to updating personal information and viewing test results. This not only provides patients with comprehensive information, it also enables them to receive important notifications in a timely manner. This relieves the administrative burden on practices and clinics and strengthens patient autonomy. We tailor each portal precisely to our customers’ requirements, thus optimising the user experience for both patients and staff.

Medical Software / Diagnostics

We help our customers create standalone software which can be adapted to all needs and situations. We can, for example, develop AI-based decision support systems for doctors and nurses. These increase patient safety and relieve staff, ultimately resulting in more accurate diagnoses and more reliable data. Voice-controlled assistance systems for convenient, hygienic use during surgical operations are another example.

Digitization push in the healthcare system

The German Hospital Future Act (KHZG) is creating a digitalization boom in the healthcare system. The timeframe for the planned changes is, however, extremely short. Thanks to our experience and appropriate certification, we can start planning projects right away, and many of our services are eligible for funding under the Act.

We are authorised to provide IT services by the German Federal Office for Social Security (BAS), and we can support our customers at every stage of the process, from project planning and implementation right through to providing the requisite provider attestation.

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