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Embedded Systems

Embedded systems and edge computing link the devices we surround ourselves with. This not only enriches our everyday lives, but also significantly improves industrial processes.

Technologically, however, implementation is a challenge requiring broad expertise in everything from programming microcontrollers to setting up mini data centres. Our interdisciplinary skills and experience enable us to meet the requisite high standards of system security, maintainability, and reliability in a cost-effective way.

Embedded Systems

When it comes to embedded development, we have been using both Android and Linux for our customers’ devices since 2009. We use the latest software development methods and ensure the highest standards in security, stability, and performance. Whether your projects involve consumer devices (such as smart speakers), industrial tablets, or intelligent camera systems, our experts support you from Linux kernel modules to boot loader and BSP integration to user interface and deployment of SDKs.

Edge Computing

In the field of edge computing, we deploy modern, container-based architectures on Linux systems. These systems are managed by robust FOTA updates containing special security features, such as secure boot and certificate management, to securely connect to cloud infrastructures.

Our Services

We work on various systems and platforms, including Android, Linux, RTOS, and microcontrollers. Embedded systems and edge computing, however, are not isolated fields. Our experts are able to view and implement projects at an interdisciplinary level – in areas such as AR/VR, for example, as well as in audio, video, and image processing. Below is a full list of our services:

Embedded Android
  • Board Support Packages (BSP) Integration
  • Erweiterung des Android-Frameworks und SDKs
  • Anbindung von Custom Hardware
  • Android Security
Embedded Linux
  • Entwicklung von produktspezifischen Linux-Distributionen auf der Basis von Yocto Linux
  • Softwareseitige Integration von Spezial-Hardware in bestehende Systeme (Kernel- oder Userspace-Treiber)
Embedded Security
  • Security Engineering
  • SELinux/SEAndroid
  • Android KeyStores
Moderne C++-Entwicklung
  • Entwicklung von echtzeitfähiger und low-latency-sensitiver Software
  • Low-Level-Datenanbindung
  • Modifikation von bestehenden Treibern
  • Neu-Entwicklung von Treibern
  • Kernel-Modifikation
  • RT-Linux
Edge Computing
  • Container Runtimes
  • Secure Boot
  • FOTA Updates (A/B Updates)
  • Device Management
  • Cloud-Integration (Kubernetes / Container Management)
  • KI-Algorithmen / lokale Auswertungen
  • Dashboards & Analysen
  • Anbindung bestehender Infrastrukturen (z. B. PLCs)

Case Studies

Embedded Systems

PRAMAC Storage Systems: The energy transition as a driver of smarter storage

Together with PRAMAC Storage Systems, an energy management system has been created that networks, monitors and intelligently controls devices and systems for generating and storing energy independently of manufacturers and communication standards.


Azena: Developing an IoT Ecosystem for Security Cameras

Together with Azena, we have developed an IoT solution for security cameras in order to be able to connect camera types from different manufacturers and systems and to install modern features on them using apps. The cameras independently take on tasks that go far beyond activating movement or counting people.


Rotec: Smart Devices and Data Analytics Enable Innovative Rope Testing

Together with Rotec, we have developed new algorithms for the analysis of measurement data. The fluid real-time display of the high-resolution data in the front end and the many abstraction layers in the back end presented particularly challenges.


Talk: How a Modern Yocto Setup Can Look Like


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