The Web is and will remain a core element of the Digital Transformation – both in terms of interaction with customers and with a company’s own employees.

As well as smartphones, other digital elements – such as networked devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) – have found their way onto the web.

Modern web solutions support as many digital scenarios as desired over a long life cycle, as long as they are flexibly adjustable, expandable and scalable. We develop long-lasting, user-centred web platforms, prefer to implement applications with open-source technologies such as Angular, React and Vue, and integrate the solutions into the IT landscapes of our customers.

Nowadays, access to web applications takes place via numerous different devices, and user interfaces have to automatically adjust to the relevant screen – which makes responsive user interfaces an essential component of our integrated web solutions. Where possible, our experts rely on progressive web apps for web applications, in order to bring the user experience even closer to the possibilities of native apps.

Web Apps

We not only implement the technical requirements, but also provide support with the visual development of the web presence (user interface (UI)), bearing in mind user-friendliness and user experience (UX). We provide the applications on a state-of-the-art infrastructure – regardless of whether our customers prefer a solution on the basis of Kubernetes or a serverless architecture.

Our many years of experience with modern front ends allow us to make use of a very wide range of frameworks. This means we can select the appropriate technology depending on the use case or IT landscape of the customer. We currently prefer to work with AngularReact and Vue.

Web Apps

Micro Frontends

The level of complexity and architecture of web applications these days can be very high. This makes it all the more important that they remain manageable from an organisational point of view.

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Static Web Apps

You do not always need highly dynamic web apps that initially request data from an interface in the customer browser. Landing pages and developer portals in particular, as well as complete shops, can be statically generated using the JAMstack architecture, without losing their dynamic look and feel.

Case Studies


1&1 Internet SE: Developing an interview tool for creating custom websites based on cutting-edge web technologies

Website builders have been extremely popular for years, due to the fact that they allow even less tech-savvy users to showcase their ideas and businesses online and thus to considerably increase their reach. Working with inovex GmbH, 1&1, Europe’s leading webhosting service (, has expanded its 1&1 MyWebsite website builder to include an innovative design service which allows customers and web designers to interact in real time.


FONIC: Development of a State-of-the-Art Online Customer Portal

When FONIC, a major German provider of discount mobile services, was looking to completely overhaul its customer portal, the company selected application development specialists inovex GmbH to handle the implementation. The portal, which was implemented using state-of-the-art technology, not only improves service for FONIC customers, but also increases customer conversation rates and creates savings for FONIC.


dm-drogerie markt: Development of New Self-Service Offerings Based on Modern Web Technologies

Customers in dm-drogerie markt stores can use self-service terminals to access various pieces of information, such as product pricing or loyalty points. As the previous terminals relied on unwieldy PC hardware and outdated touchscreens, the company joined forces with inovex to develop a flexible, future-proof solution.


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