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Design Systems

In recent years, user interfaces (UI) have also developed further. Web apps today are thus more interactive and varied and have a clear design language.

They support users in the operation of user interfaces and help to make complex situations comprehensible.

Whereas a few years ago a lot of faith was put in the widespread pattern libraries, such as Bootstrap, today, more is often asked of a web app. It should represent the design language of the company or product and be available in the same quality on all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet and TV).

Design systems are more than just buttons and text boxes. Alongside function and design, the focus is increasingly on micro-interactions. These are small feedback elements, often in the form of animations, which influence perception of the product. The user experience (UX) is an often underestimated success factor for a digital product, for which we help our customers find the best solution.

These and other aspects form a clear design language, which is iteratively transferred to a component library in close collaboration between designers and web developers. Only then is it possible to continually improve the individual components of the design system, in order to use it efficiently in several applications.
Through separation into a component library, the UI/UX aspects can be more easily tested and efficiently used in the different projects. That saves time in the implementation of the actual product, because the teams can access the central library and concentrate fully on the business logic of their application.

We prefer implementation on the basis of web components for the greatest possible interoperability of frameworks. That allows us to use them in different frameworks and also to integrate them into future frameworks.

We manage and develop such systems for or with our customers who want a uniform design language in all their web applications. Thanks to available libraries such as StencilJS, we do not invent our own solution, but rather make use of standards, allowing easier maintainability – now and in the future.

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Tobias Joch

Managing Director