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Static Web Apps

You do not always need highly dynamic web apps that initially request data from an interface in the customer browser.

Landing pages and developer portals in particular, as well as complete shops, can be statically generated using the JAMstack architecture, without losing their dynamic look and feel.

That brings many advantages: websites can be distributed worldwide on content delivery networks (CDN), are by their nature secure as they have been statically generated, and are also SEO-friendly. This means the page layout is loaded quicker in the browser (keyword: time to first byte, TTFB) and in a way that uses less resources – even with poor Internet connections.

Thanks to the frameworks available, such as Gatsby and Gridsome, existing interfaces (REST, GraphQL, etc.) can be used as data sources for the creation of a static web app. Use of a headless CMS, such as Contentful, is also possible. The JAMstack architecture also makes it possible to use existing frameworks, such as AngularReact or Vue, and developers can thus put existing know-how to good use for the new product.

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Tobias Joch

Managing Director