As a full-service digital transformation provider, inovex offers all the knowledge and services required for the flexible, cost-optimised operation of digital services in data centres.

Due to the complexity of the topics which must be addressed in a modern data centre, we involve our systems engineers at early stages, including the consulting phase, the requirements analysis phase of the planning stage, and the IT architecture design stage.

Involving engineers in every aspect of a project enables us to build and operate scalable IT landscapes. In doing so, we focus on innovative technologies with a clear emphasis on open source. Our agile methods make us the ideal partner for demanding time-to-market situations.

inovex: Full Data Centre Service
inovex: Full Data Centre Service

Technology Stacks


  • GlusterFS
  • DRBD
  • OCFS
  • NFS/NetApp
  • ceph
  • Quobyte


  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Lighttpd
  • Varnish
  • Tomcat


  • Puppet
  • Rex
  • perl, python, bash
  • Pulp
  • Repository Management


  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • icinga
  • check_mk
  • Ganglia
  • ELK


  • OpenVZ
  • KVM
  • Xen
  • LXC


  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Postgresql
  • Oracle
  • MySQL/MariaDB


  • Postfix
  • amavisd / ClamAV / SpamAssassin
  • postfwd
  • Dovecot

Hochverfügbarkeit & Hochskalierbarkeit

  • Linux-HA (IPVS, Heartbeat, Keepalived)
  • HA-Proxy

Bare Metal Deployments

  • The Foreman
  • Lifecycle Management


  • OpenNebula
  • OpenStack
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Compute
  • CoreOS

Big Data

  • Hadoop
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Hadoop Cluster Management
  • Kafka
  • Elasticsearch

Continuous Delivery

  • Jenkins
  • Automatisierung
Development of a Fully Automated Data Centre for the Online Shop at

Development of a Fully Automated Data Centre for the Online Shop at

When a major brand like dm strategically enters the online market, it creates high expectations. For this reason, their IT subsidiary FILIADATA, which has been responsible for all dm’s IT systems since 1988, launched a project in 2013 which was aimed at laying the foundations for reliable, fail-safe IT operations for These included creating a large, fully automated Linux infrastructure in the data centre on which sophisticated web services like the online shop can be operated.

Read the "Data Centre for dm" case study
Migration of a Data Warehouse to SQL Server 2014 for Hussel Confiserie Confectioner’s

Migration of a Data Warehouse to SQL Server 2014 for Hussel Confiserie Confectioner’s

After Hussel GmbH was sold by Douglas Holding, the existing data warehouse needed to be transferred from the infrastructure it had hitherto shared with the Douglas perfumery to a new data centre. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we were able to collaborate with Hussel to complete the analysis of the current situation, the design of the BI architecture, and the planning and implementation of the data warehouse migration within a tight deadline – a mere 4 months.

Read the "Migration of a Data Warehouse" case study

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