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Both the infrastructure and the entire processes must be automated to allow business processes to be digitalised.

This involves reducing recurring manual process to a minimum, saving a great deal of time and increasing productivity.  The result is modern, dynamic IT environments that can be scaled more quickly, thereby forming the basis needed for agile working.

Our IT engineering and operations team provides a comprehensive and integrated portfolio that includes network automation and infrastructure/cloud provision as well as certain technologies, methods, cloud solutions, security, tests and monitoring.

Our focus:

Architecture workshop:

We are involved in every step of the process, from the initial agile requirements workshop and the subsequent agile implementation (with scrum) to the modern DevOps approach:

1.) Architecture workshop:

If the idea has turned into a concrete plan, then this joint workshop is suitable. Starting with the vision, the scope of the initial release (minimal viable product or MVP), the quality characteristics and the necessary architecture are worked out. This is subsequently presented in the form of epics in a backlog and a roadmap.

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2.) Agile implementation:

We work according to the principle of small steps. This means that we deliver usable results in each sprint and implement the MVP in the first months in cross-functional teams with the scrum.

3.) Agile development:

Following the implementation of the MVP, we assist our clients with further development and operational tasks in cross-functional teams. By collaborating in DevOps mode (in conjunction with development and analytics, for example), we can guarantee technically integrated and high-quality solutions.



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