Omnichannel strategies enable retailers to perform two indispensable functions at once, allowing them to optimise the customer experience while learning more about their customers.

The term “omnichannel” means using multiple channels in parallel, either online or offline. Communicating with one another, enjoying personalised shopping experiences, using streaming services and much more – almost nothing takes place via a single channel these days. With the aim of providing a consistent customer experience, therefore, omnichannel marketing creates cross-device experiences for customers.

Consumers often want both the benefits of their traditional offline habits and the flexibility of online offerings. As a result, customer expectations are changing – and so, too, are companies’ business processes.

Today’s customers expect the path to their desired product to be as short and straightforward as possible. Although pure online players still have some competitive advantages in this area, offline players have, over the past few years, increasingly discovered how to leverage their branch networks to score points over their exclusively online competitors.

Almost all companies, therefore, are now using multi-channel or even omnichannel strategies to communicate with customers. Potential customers can access an almost unlimited number of touchpoints/contact points in order to begin the purchase process. 

Providing customers with this shopping experience presents a major challenge for many companies. In many cases, for example, completely new business processes must be introduced, or hitherto separate business models and data sources must be merged. This puts a strain not only on the organization, but also on its IT systems and architecture, which are often not designed to handle such events.

Our experts at inovex help you to fully leverage the potential of digital channels and to optimally integrate analogue channels such as branch networks. Our end-to-end (closed loop) approach covers every step in the process.

Our 360-Degree Approach

Technology solutions are not one-way streets. In addition to ensuring quick, secure interaction with customers, long-term digital success also involves analysing these interactions.

inovex supports you in evaluating your data in order to rapidly identify strategies for improvement or to generate completely new ideas for your channels. This closed loop approach means that your digital customer channels will continuously evolve, always remaining successful and technologically up to date.


The user interface is a significant part of the entire user experience. If its operation is not intuitive or certain elements do not work, this can have serious consequences, resulting in high bounce rates and low conversion rates. Our inovex design team will help you identify and eliminate weak spots.


Personalized offers are major factors in increasing online sales. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online stores often lack the help of sales assistants. Our intelligent search functions and recommender systems provide customers with suggestions and enable them to quickly find their desired product online.


An omnichannel strategy creates a myriad of data points, and human skills are no longer even remotely sufficient to fully map and interpret the customer journey. We will help you use machine learning algorithms to analyse and evaluate the interaction data you collect.


Successfully implementing an omnichannel strategy is also a matter of choosing the correct platform. This serves as a central control unit where all information converges. We will advise and support you in choosing and running your platform and ensure that it is stable and performing well. As security is our top priority, our teams include security experts from the very outset.


Omnichannel strategies are ongoing projects which are continuously expanded and improved. Our DevOps teams ensure that your solution remains flexible and can be quickly and securely adapted to changing circumstances. This approach guarantees that your solutions will always be functional and future-proof.

Goals and Solutions

As IT project experts, our daily duties involve meeting customers at different points in their planning processes – and setting up an omnichannel solution is no different. We always begin, therefore, by agreeing upon our customers’ goals and analysing their existing solutions and capacities.

Reference clients


We developed an enterprise supplier auditing app for Bosch.

Cloud Infrastructures

We have specialized in the design/architecture, realization and support of state-of-the-art IT infrastructures for many years.

Customer Analytics

For Hornbach, a major German DIY and hardware chain, we created a customer review analysis platform. This platform collects anonymised data on how customers feel when making in-store purchases. This data is then used to identify potential for improving sales.

Customer Self-Service

We worked with dm, a major German retail chain, to develop a flexible, future-proof solution for the stores’ service terminals.

Delivery Forecasting

SINCE 2015, inovex has been working with REWE, one of Germany’s leading supermarket chains, to jointly drive various big data initiatives to optimise the supply chain. We have worked particularly intensively with REWE digital, REWE’s IT subsidiary where all the REWE Group’s strategic online activities are bundled, in the area of supply chain optimisation.

Platform Search

The latest search technologies allow users to automatically search existing website content from the H-Hotels Group, thus providing an optimized customer experience.

PoS Solutions

We developed a mobile payment app for Payleven to enable PIN-secured, cashless payments.

Product Discovery

Which digital products are in demand? To what extent can you generate a sustainable revenue stream from an idea? And which products are technologically feasible to implement within your company? We’ll support you in both the design phase and the technical implementation of these concepts.

Recommender Systems

Every visit to the used-car sales platform generates a stream of data that reveals something about the demand for specific vehicles, the quality of the offerings, and the needs of the platform’s users. We worked with to develop a solution to continuously improve the user experience.

Streaming Platforms

The streaming service combines linear television with convenient “new media” features, such as cloud recordings and time shift

User Interfaces

Our Design Team develops visually and functionally convincing UI/UX concepts.

Web Shops

We supported the design and construction of a large, fully automated Linux infrastructure in the data centre on which the dm online shop is run.

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