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Customer Experience

In the future, digital products will generate an increasing number of sales. The customer experience – and a strong IT infrastructure – are critical in ensuring that companies can meet this demand.

Never before has there been such a wide range of options for targeting consumers. Every day, countless contact points are available, whether through apps, websites, images, videos, or sound. At the same time, businesses are facing the new challenge of optimally accompanying users on their customer journey. AI-driven personalization is becoming the key to corporate success, and companies which fail to provide for consumers already used to the excellent usability of platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify will not retain them for long.

Using New Technologies to Shape the Customer Experience

Through technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data engineering and data science, we have all the means at our disposal to sustainably improve users’ experience of our customers’ products. AI and data science are particularly important prerequisites for personalizing offerings.

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Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are one of the most widespread means of providing a better customer experience in digital solutions, whether it’s through suggesting potential new favourite movies and music or showing targeted promotions for potentially useful products.

We have already implemented a recommender system for the mobile.de vehicle marketplace, where it provides buyers with targeted purchasing suggestions. As a result, the system not only improves the customer experience, it also offers retailers and private sellers on the platform a higher reach, a faster hit rate for their offerings, and – thus – more sales opportunities.

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AI Tools

Integrating artificial intelligence into digital products can create new application scenarios and a better customer experience. We helped spotsize GmbH develop a solution which allows shoe buyers to measure their feet using their smartphone cameras. This enables customers to determine their correct shoe size and ensure that they order the right product when shopping online. The AI tool thus offers a completely new buying experience and reduces the risk of returns.

Case Studies

Südzucker: Developing a self-service app for sugar beet cultivation

As the largest sugar manufacturer in Germany, Südzucker recognized the potential for digitising the delivery processes and thus ensuring greater transparency for its growers. With inovex’s assistance, an app solution which both met these requirements and provided a central information platform was created – in just six months: beet2go.


ARCUS Hospitals and Medical Practices: Development of a Digital Patient Portal

For the ARCUS clinics and practices, inovex has created a new digital patient portal that not only enables patients to book appointments digitally, but also makes all information about their treatment plan accessible. At the same time, administration was made easier for the clinic staff.


EXARING AG: Developing Android and iOS Apps for the waipu.tv streaming service

Linear TV and innovation are by no means polar opposites. This is demonstrated by EXARING AG which, with the support of inovex GmbH, developed the waipu.tv streaming service. inovex was able to get in on the ground at the Development of waipu.tv and was significantly involved in the design and implementation of the Backend and the Mobile Applications for Android and iOS, as well as in assembling the development teams.


From Planning to Live Operations

An outstanding customer experience arises from a holistic understanding of the customer journey. Achieving this understanding is the only way to optimally model the requirements of the desired target group.

We have decades of IT project experience, both in the planning and development of new solutions and in their practical implementation. Our customers benefit from our holistic view of their project, from product discovery and development to DevOps operation including continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD).

We use method-based approaches to product discovery to support companies in improving users’ experience of their products, and we accompany them step by step through their digital transformation. This results in sustainable IT solutions which secure long-term customer loyalty.

Comprehensive Multichannel Offerings

Single-channel digital touchpoints have long been a thing of the past. Companies aiming to increase their target audience’s engagement must interact on as many channels as possible – whether via apps, social media, search, video platforms, or other channels. This not only increases customer engagement, it also strengthens customer loyalty.

Omnichannel Strategies

Our wide range of services enables us to work with our customers to develop an omnichannel strategy and then implement it technologically. Our method eliminates unnecessary interfaces between different service providers, keeping processes lean.

We support our customers both in the implementation of new technologies and in the evaluation of their data. This enables the rapid identification of opportunities for improvement or potential new product concepts.

UI/UX Solutions

In order to offer consumers an intuitive user experience, we cooperate closely with our customers to develop and implement innovative UI/UX concepts. Rather than limiting ourselves to specific devices or platforms, we consider all potential channels and devices – even those which are currently still under development, such as IoT devices or humanoid robotic systems.

When developing new design solutions, we attach great importance to user-centred development, which uses interactive prototypes to ensure that concepts are both feasible and practically applicable.

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