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A One-Stop Shop for Digitalisation

Our broad-based product portfolio helps customers implement their projects while easing their administrative burden – we’re a one-stop digitalisation shop.

Recent developments have shown that digital products, services, and business models are particularly promising for the future and enable companies to remain competitive.

The challenges involved in digitalising existing solutions or in developing completelynew digital products can, however, only be resolved with interdisciplinary expertise. Using different service providers involves additional technological interfaces and coordination efforts. It also increases the risk of problems arising, and companies can experience delays in development. Ideally, companies should spend as little time and energy as possible dealing with multiple service providers.

Our broad-based product portfolio helps customers implement their projects while easing their administrative burden – we’re a one-stop digitalisation shop.

End-to-end solutions from a single source

We support customer projects holistically from start to finish; from brainstorming forproduct discovery and the initial proof of concept to development and live launch, including subsequent support and further development. Seamlessly dovetailing our teams keeps planning to a minimum and eliminates unnecessary delays.

We can adapt flexibly to product dynamics and scale our performance to match a solution’s success – both in terms of size through the number of agile teams we provide and in terms of content through the range of topics covered by our expertise.

Achieve aims faster

Our many years of experience in agile product development enable us to provide our customers with initial results during the early project phases. Developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) not only gives our customers a better impression of the product, it also enables them to use it to collect initial customer feedback.

Our flexibility enables us to work with our customers to make adjustments, while ourextensive service portfolio allows us to scale our offerings to meet requirements at any time during a project. In short, therefore, we offer tailor-made, needs-based, sustainable solutions.

We understand your needs

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries, each of which has its own unique requirements. Over many years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of various product domains, including streaming, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. We have successfully proven in countless projects that we can meet the most diverse requirements and realistically understand and optimally fulfil our customers’ expectations. Creating outstanding solutions is all in a day’s work forus.

Continuous improvements – even after the product launch

Once a product has been successfully launched, a different – and not inconsiderable – set of tasks come into play. DevOps methods enable continuous improvements to be made and solutions to be further scaled. Multiple interfaces between service providers, however, require time-consuming coordination and can slow down this process.

We handle the technological side of things so that our customers can focus fully on their businesses and concentrate on advancing their product content.

Making work agile

As IT project providers, we have been using agile working methods for a long time. Not only do these methods allow us to respond extremely flexibly to project changes, they also give our customers the greatest possible opportunities for insightand input.

We can also implement agile working methods at customer premises and support staff in making any organisational changes necessary.

In inovex, we have found an excellent partner to migrate our system to the cloud and to sustainably improve it. With the help of inovex’ experts, we were able to further develop our video-on-demand platform in an innovative and fail-safe manner. inovex also supported us in modifying our team structure to break down oldsilos and enable agile, cross-domain collaboration.



Project kick-off with inovex

Most projects start with a project kick-off workshop – held either remotely or on premises. This is where we ensure that all the project’s goals, requirements, and dependencies are clearly defined. It serves as a basis for creating an initial MVP or proof of concept and enables us to validate our hypotheses concerning user needs and the technologies required. It also enables our customers to win over their stakeholders with a tangible prototype.

Development steps of an inovex project, shown schematically


During the implementation process, we tailor our offerings to our customers’ needs. We work with them in a technology-agnostic manner to find the best technologiesto meet their requirements.