Certified Scrum Training for Java Developers

The training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

Software Developers in Scrum projects regularly face two challenges: firstly, they must know and understand the rules and principles of the Scrum framework, and, secondly, they must possess a knowledge of techniques like test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous integration in order to adequately handle the agility of the requirements in a Scrum project.

When it comes to writing software, however, both the Scrum framework itself and agile development techniques require developers to (radically) rethink their methods. This 'mindset change' is taught as part of this course.

The aim of the course is for the participants to use the techniques they learn immediately afterwards in their own projects. This course focuses particularly on using these techniques in existing code bases (legacy code). This training course emphasises direct, practical application: three afternoons are reserved for writing code.


  • The Scrum Framework: Rules, Roles, Meetings and Artefacts
  • Why Agile? Why Scrum?
  • What happens to traditional roles (architects, testers, ...) in Scrum?
  • What changes for developers when Scrum is implemented?
  • Scaling Scrum: How do multiple Scrum teams work together?
  • Test-Driven Development & Acceptance-Test-Driven Development
  • Pair Programming
  • Continuous Integration
  • Refactoring Object-Oriented Software: The SOLID Principles
  • Agile, Emergent Architectures
  • Handling Legacy Code

Target Audience:

Java Developers (knowledge of Eclipse and experience with object-oriented design are prerequisites)

Duration: 5 days

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