Cloud Development On-Site Training

The Training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in Training sessions in English.

In developing new products and services, an increasing number of companies are using external cloud providers as basis platforms. These platforms usually offer a higher level of reliability, better scaling opportunities and lower costs than setting up and operating your own server landscape.
For Software Developers, however, this involves several changes. In order, for example, to take maximum advantage of the cloud provider’s scaling options, applications must be created as separate, autonomous services. These then use interfaces made available by the provider to store data or to communicate with one another.

Using many real-life examples from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and examples provided by our highly experienced trainers, course attendees will learn the basics and best practices of developing software for the cloud.


  • State-of-the-art development using DevOps, CloudDev and Microservices
  • Developing Microservices using Spring Boot
  • Typical Microservice patterns and antipatterns
  • REST as a communications paradigm
  • Using cloud services in the AWS environment
  • Understanding cloud providers’ scaling and pricing models
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Storing states: using cloud databases
  • Integrating third-party systems
  • Basics of cloud security
  • The future: Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

Target audience: Software Developers
3 days

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