Professional CSS Development On-Site Training

The Training sessions are usually held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in Training sessions in English.

CSS is the language of choice for many web developers. The basics are easy to master, but when it comes to large or complex projects, things quickly become difficult. How, for example, do you ensure that the code remains maintainable? How do you support smartphones, desktop devices, or even smart TVs? How can CSS be used to improve the user experience?

This Training course covers the techniques needed to develop professional websites using CSS. In addition to switching between theory and practical exercises, the course includes plenty of time to discuss issues pertaining to participants’ professional projects.


 1) The Basics – A Brief Refresher

2) Layout Techniques

  • Flexbox
  • Positioning
  • Grids

3) Responsive Design

  • Media Queries
  • Container Queries?

4) Maintainable CSS

  • Component-Based Styling
  • BEM
  • Atomic classes

5) Pre- and Post-Processors

  • Sass
  • Less
  • Autoprefixer

6) CSS Variables

7) Improving the User Experience

  • Accessibility
    User Preferences

Target audience: Developers with previous CSS knowledge

Length: 2 days

Please note:

  • Participants must bring their own laptops to the course.
  • If possible, the course will be held on-site and in person. Depending on the applicable COVID-19 regulations, the course can also be held remotely.


Matthias Reuter is a web developer who has been with inovex since 2013. He works on everything to do with web front-end development – from semantic HTML to maintainable CSS and elegant JavaScript. He loves to explore the limits of CSS, and he appreciates clean code.

Daniel Eckelt has been a web developer at inovex since 2013. He develops state-of-the-art web applications with particular emphasis on the end-user experience. As usability and UX have always been priorities for him, CSS is a fundamental element of his work.

Tetiana Ulianova is a web developer and has been with inovex since 2015. She is fascinated by the web platform and likes to deal with different facets of web development, from exciting web technologies such as CSS Houdini, to clean and high-performance code, to the development of barrier-free web applications.

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