From Data Warehouse to Big Data – Fundamentals and Opportunities

The training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

'Big Data' – handling data volumes larger than 100 terabytes – has, over the past few years, led to a rethink in the Business Intelligence (BI) community. In addition to the traditional data warehouse, which provides processed, filtered and (most importantly) aggregated data for analysis purposes, there are now processes available which can be used to carry out complex analyses directly on the raw data generated. This eliminates the need for laborious data modelling which, in turn, considerably increases the development speed for new queries. These short turnaround times even allow new queries to be developed iteratively.

The Training course covers the basics of the paradigm shift from data warehousing to Big Data and highlights the prerequisites and opportunities of this type of transformation.


  • What do people understand by 'Big Data' (as distinct from traditional Business Intelligence? What does 'big' actually mean?
  • What opportunities does big data afford? (What new opportunities do I, as a BI user, have? How can I use these effectively?)
  • Prerequisites for big data (organisational and technical requirements, legal framework conditions)
  • The best of both worlds: big data systems alongside traditional data warehouses

Target Audience: IT Managers, BI Managers, BI Users (no prior technical knowledge required)

Duration: 4 hours

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