Infrastructure Provisioning with Puppet

The training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

Over the past few years, Puppet has established itself as the de facto standard for provisioning infrastructure. When Puppet is used effectively, there is no need to manually install infrastructure software – like Apache http or Tomcat – on server systems. Instead, system administrators use Puppet's proprietary Domain Specific Language (DSL) to describe the structure and configuration of the servers. The deployment itself is then carried out autonomously by Puppet. This course places a great deal of emphasis on practical experience. The methods and concepts presented are all used by the participants in sample applications. This ensures that participants can implement and use their newly acquired knowledge immediately in their everyday duties.


  • Puppet Architecture & Philosophy (Agent/Master Approach, Declarative Descriptions)
  • Infrastructure Provisioning (Puppet DSL Overview, Installing Packages, Managing Services, Repositories and User Administration, Managing Files & Rights, Using Templates, Custom DSL Constructs, Managing Dependencies (Run Stages, Containment (Anchor Pattern / Contain))
  • Using (3rd Party) Modules
  • Using Tools Effectively (Source Code Management with git or svn, Puppet DB and Stored Configurations, Foreman as an External Node Classifier)
  • Hiera: Separation of Configuration and Code (Configuration Data Using GPG)
  • Future Developments
  • Inovex "Best Practices" from 5 years of deploying Puppet in customer projects

Target Audience: Linux System Administrators, Linux System Engineers

Duration: 3 days

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