Liferay Portal Administrator Training

The Liferay portal contains a whole range of components (portlets) and infrastructures (like user and permissions systems) as standard, enabling users with no development skills to build even complex web portals.

This training course covers the basics of creating and maintaining Liferay portals. It uses hands-on examples and a day-long, realistic exercise (on the third day) to teach participants how to set up and configure portlets (Wikis, forums, media browsers, etc.), to design and maintain communities and user groups, and to integrate these into a Liferay authorisation system.


  • Liferay Overview and Operating Concept
  • Portlet Basics (Overview of Portlets Supplied)
  • Liferay Portal Member Organisations (Users & User Groups, Sites & Organisations, Roles & Permissions)
  • Liferay Themes & Layout (Pages & Page Templates)
  • Liferay as a CMS (Portal-Wide Media Management)
  • Categories & Tags
  • Portal-Wide Searches
  • The Basics of Portal Administration
  • Monitoring and Health Checks

Target Audience: no restrictions

Duration: 3 days

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