Liferay Portal Developer On-Site Training

Over the past few years, Liferay has emerged as the leading platform for web and mobile portals. Liferay provides a wide range of ready-made components (portlets) which can be used as a basis for users' own development projects.

Liferay focuses on standards and openness: In addition to custom models for portlet development like Liferay MVC, portlets can also be developed with Spring MVC. This training course teaches the basics of portlet development with Liferay. The training emphasises practical work: during the course, participants develop their own portlets which fulfil current web portal requirements, like CRUD and permissions management.


  • General Portlet Development (Portlets vs Servlets, Portlet Lifecycle, Portlet Modes and Window States)
  • Data Modelling Using the Service Builder
  • Access to Liferay Services
  • Interfaces with Liferay Themes
  • Portlet Development with Liferay MVC (Use of AUI and Liferay UI, Communication Between View JSP and Controller Portlets)
  • Developing Portlets Using Spring MVC (Clean Portlet Design with Spring Annotations)
  • Liferay Permissions Systems

Target Audience: Java developers

Duration: 4 days

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