Liferay Portal System Administrator Training

From an operational standpoint, a Liferay portal is, first and foremost, a complex piece of software, often with high availability and scalability requirements. It is, therefore, important that administrators understand the portal's underlying structures and familiarise themselves with the essential interfaces (such as those involved in configuration, monitoring, etc.).

This training covers these fundamental aspects. All the elements required to operate a secure, highly available and scalable Liferay portal installation are covered in detail. Practical exercises are given priority: participants use the content covered to complete exercises independently using an actual Liferay installation.


  • Liferay as a JVM Application (General JVM Tuning, Liferay-Specific JVM Configuration)
  • Liferay Configuration
  • Liferay Tuning
  • Approaches to Scaling Liferay Portals
  • Creating High Availability Liferay Portals
  • Setting Up and Configuring the Database System
  • Deploying Portlets/Web Applications (Hot vs Cold Deployment)
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructures (LDAP, NTLM)
  • Monitoring Liferay Portals
  • Operating Liferay Securely

Target Audience: System administrators

Duration: 3 days

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