Rapid Web Applications with Rails Training

The training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

For the Agile Development of modern enterprise Web Applications

Over the past few years, Ruby on Rails (RoR) has become the framework of choice when it comes to implementing an idea for a Web Application in the shortest possible time.

Rails Applications benefit from the power of the Ruby language, as well as from a large community and rapid framework development cycles. Many easily integrated plugins make Rails the system of choice when it comes to developing modern WEB 2.0 technologies. This Training course covers the Development of a Web Application from a holistic perspective: from idea to operation. All the requisite tools and technologies are discussed, whereby the integration of CSS and JavaScript is given particular emphasis. These concepts are covered both in theory and in practice: participants will work with the trainer to develop a fully functional Twitter clone. In addition to fundamental knowledge of Web Development, participants must also have initial experience of working with Ruby. Participants with no Ruby experience are given the opportunity to take a two-day Ruby crash course before attending this course.


  • The Architecture of Rails Applications
  • The Structure of the Development Environment and Tool Chain
  • MVC with Rails (Complex Data Models and Data Migration Using ActiveRecord, Internationalisation Using ActionView)
  • URL Handling & Routing
  • Using and Developing (RESTful) Web Services
  • Sending Mail
  • Handling Static Resources (Asset Pipeline)
  • Integrating JavaScript/CoffeeScript and CSS/SCSS
  • Securing Rails Applications
  • Deployment and Operation with Phusion Passenger, Thin, Ngnix & JRuby
  • Developing Automated Tests with RSpec

Target Audience: Web Developers

Duration: 3 days

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