Scrum Training for Product Managers

The training sessions are usally held in German. Please contact us if you are interested in training sessions in English.

Scrum. Agile Software Development. User Stories. These are watchwords with which many people are now familiar. But what does it mean in practice when a team switches to using Scrum as its development method? How do product managers? daily duties change? How does agile requirements management work?

Scrum is more than a process to be blindly followed. Scrum and agile development involve a mindset change; not only for developers and project leaders, but also – and in particular – for product managers. The goal of inovex Scrum training is to use practical examples to teach this mindset so that participants can experience it for themselves.


All inovex's Scrum Training courses involve the participants determining the course agenda. This ensures that every Training course is tailored to the team's specific needs. Some of the topics that can potentially be included:

  • The Scrum Framework: Rules, Roles, Meetings and Artefacts
  • Why Agile? Why Scrum?
  • Experience Scrum: Simulation of a Complete Scrum Project
  • What happens to traditional roles (architects, testers, ...) once Scrum has been implemented?
  • Agile in Action: User Stories, Value Stream Mapping
  • Acceptance Criteria for Features
  • Agile Fixed Prices: Using Agile Methods with Vendors
  • Scaling Scrum: How do multiple Scrum teams work together? How do you work with a team of product owners?

Target Audience: Product Managers, IT Managers

Duration: 2 days

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