Data Product Management Workshop

An increasing number of companies are recognizing the value of targeted data analysis and preparation.

These methods create products which are either based entirely on data or which can considerably increase the value of existing physical or virtual products. One notable example is Tesla’s Autopilot, which uses driver data to continuously improve and which has evolved from a free product to a paid feature. Another is Google Maps, which constantly self-optimises using data entered by users in Google’s reCAPTCHA system.

Data products can help you secure your USPs for the long term, enabling you to profit from the latest technological developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Offering: Individual Data Product Management Workshop

We have developed a workshop which takes into account the specific requirements of Data Products and allows you to use them in your own products. These training sessions are designed to enable you to apply your newly-acquired knowledge to your own products. Our workshops teach methods for designing your first Data Product and explain how to prioritise lists of ideas. You will also learn how to test the market opportunities for a product and to create a systematic roadmap for a data product portfolio.


  • Data Products: Types and business models
  • Using Data Products as USPs
  • Selecting an existing product for the workshop
  • The customer journey and formulating hypotheses
  • Value propositions for Data Products
  • Finding the problem/solution fit: Methods and examples
  • Determining your starting point and experimental design: Alternatives to off-beat algorithms
  • Developing a data strategy: How to obtain missing data
  • Data value chain: What are my current IT capabilities?
  • Feedback loop: Establishing USPs and generating training data
  • Data value matrix: Managing portfolios of data products
  • Algorithms: Overview of the various algorithm types and application areas

Target group: Product managers, innovation managers, business developers, CEOs

Duration: We can tailor the content and length of the workshop to suit your particular needs.

“Taster” Workshop (0.5 days):
This workshop provides participants with a feel for the methodology, as well as some initial ideas for using data.

Workshop (2 days)
In this workshop, participants and instructors will work together to develop a range of ideas and to define specific measures for testing and implementing them on the market.

Design Sprint (5 days)
In this workshop, participants and instructors will work together to develop a range of ideas and to test them with potential customers. After a week, you will know which ideas work – and why certain ideas do not.

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